Friday, January 1, 2016

Accented Encouragement

Last week, my mother-in-law, Betty, mentioned in passing that she just reads the Bible.

She "just" reads the Bible. Every day, year in and year out. Faithfully. By the grace of God.

The Holy Spirit used her passing comment to whisper to me, "Just READ it, Becky." Which is why my word of the year is Read.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law, Kimberley, posted a beautiful picture of a Bible reading plan as she finished up reading the Bible in a year.

Aha! The Bible in a year!

I'd done that in the past, like, before I had kids, and I wondered if maybe I could do it again. So I went searching for the Bible reading plan with the beautiful UI.

I didn't find it, onaccounta it was an iPhone app from She Reads Truth (available for android here).

Instead I found a plethora of Bible-in-a-year options from YouVersion, one of which was accompanied by encouraging devotionals from some random couple in London whom I'd never heard of. I researched them, and their doctrine, and their church planting philosophy, and I decided to download their Bible-in-a-year app.

This morning, about halfway through my first reading, I discovered that they had actually taken the trouble to record themselves reading their little encouraging devotionals! With British accents! And proper pronunciation!

It was very encouraging. As was the content of their commentary. And it somehow made me feel like I have support as I try to read the Bible in a year. Like I'm not alone. So that's happy.

Incidentally, I also downloaded the She Reads Truth app because... it's just so pretty!