Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Becky Upper

Jeff and I are always exhausted. I know for a fact because we say it all the time. Like a catchphrase.

"I'm so exhausted."

Every morning and every night. We wake up exhausted and we go to sleep exhausted.

We're exhausted.

We're SO exhausted.

Hello, my name is Becky Frame and I'm exhausted.

A few days ago, I realized that we're *always* exhausted. That it's not a state of body. It's a state of mind. Maybe it's because of our catchphrase. We're speaking exhaustion over ourselves.

Well, that's dumb. So I decided to change it.

I decided to replace the word "exhausted" with the word "thankful."

I'm so thankful.

It's been two days. And two things have happened.

1. I'm happier.

2. I'm actually less physically exhausted.