Tuesday, January 13, 2015

rivers of grace

So... I would give you a big hug, but I don't know who you are.

Conveniently, there is the internet. This way, you can stay anonymous and I can say thank you.

I'm curious about you. Are you a group of people pooling your resources? Are you one family giving sacrificially? Are you a gazillionaire philanthropist?

We don't know, and we will never know, what sacrifices you have made to bless our family as you have. Are you having to go without? Are you depleting your vacation fund? Are you in a slightly chillier house because you gave to us out of your heating budget?

Or maybe you are paying it forward, like a river... you're blessed to bless again.

We aren't meant to know these things.

But there are things we are meant to know... things you have communicated to us through your gifts: that our Heavenly Father knows and meets all of our needs (Matthew 6:32), that we are remembered, that we have hope, that we are loved, that we are undeserving recipients of rivers of grace.

There are a few things we want you to know as well.

We asked God to pour rivers of grace out on you as you have poured grace out on us.
We prayed together as a family about how we can be rivers, too, and for the first time ever, we all had in mind the same dollar amount to pay forward to someone else.
We're pretty excited about seasoned, dry firewood. :)

Mostly, we are beyond thankful for you, whoever you are.