Friday, January 2, 2015

grace upon grace

The word for this year is grace.

Last year I learned a lot about how I can't jinx anything, and I feel so much better about life and myself and everything. God is sovereign, and everything is inside his circle, and he's not jinxing anything, either.

And did you notice that I used a lower case h when referring to God? Well, I noticed. Because I used to be very religious about uppercase God pronouns. But I'm not anymore. It's not about His vs. his. It's about him.

The thing about last year that taught me I can't jinx anything was that I did some very jinxy things. Like a sinner. I ended the year just feeling thankful that the people close to me haven't given up on me yet. Because they could have. Instead, though, they not only didn't give up, but they didn't even want to give up. That's grace. Grace upon grace.

So the word for this year is grace. Because I need it. Lots and lots of it.

The good news is that I have it. And not just lots and lots of it. All of it. All of God's grace is lavished on me. Not just a little bit now and then if I'm getting close to jinxing something. It washes over me like a pounding waterfall of relentless, torrential, unstoppable grace.

So this year is not about getting grace. It's about seeing the grace that's already mine. This year, I want to look for it on purpose.

Let's look together.