Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today's Happy Things

1. 21-month-old Zee singing "Let It Go" with me.

2. Kirkland paper towels and Kirkland toilet paper.

3. Mama's generosity.

4. Guest room perfectly neat and tidy.

5. Alarm clocks.

6. Jenny Otto.

7. Brittany Cornell.

8. Sarah Moore.

9. Celia picking up toys.

10. Celia bringing me artwork.

11. Ridiculously gorgeous Lyla.

12. James and Jonathan picking up clutter they didn't create without one single complaint about it.

13. Such a blessed, peaceful, rich, full, happy, delightful, fun weekend with my nieces and nephews -- all nine of them.

14. Yahweh Yireh, the God who sees beforehand and provides in advance.

15. Creative, purposeful, united, futile attempt to surprise my brother, Tony.

16. Forty candles.

17. Jeff's foot injury giving me a couple of weeks to adjust to his being fully incapacitated after knee surgery.

18. Knee surgery overdue by about 16 years finally happening on November 17.

19. My amazing brother, Seth, who in the midst of his ridiculously busy house-building crunch time, brought me his couch for Jeff to camp on.

20. The fact that the last thing I texted to Seth before asking to borrow his couch was, "We sold our couch!"

21. Jeff's genius wood stove heat distribution creation.

22. Mama helping her grandkids with their schoolwork.

23. The privilege of spending time reading with Lyla.

24. Elias saying, "I'm hirsty."

25. Cuddly, cuddly Zeruiah.

26. Liv saying at PT that she's not allowed to watch a certain kids' show because her mama says it doesn't honor God.

27. Neglected jigsaw puzzle. Forlorn, but not forgotten.

28. James's vigilance about his bedhead.

29. Me and You Day.

30. Mom and me kicking Jeff and Aaron's butts at pinochle.

31. Tom Lehrer.

32. Aaron driving home in the middle of the night, reassuring me that he was not going to crash and die, and then texting me in the morning and putting my fuddled mind at ease.

33. Texting back and forth with Kimberley.

34. Finding nearly all our Halloween costume clothing elements at St. Vincent de Paul for 99¢ each.

35. Mama's friendship.

36. Seth & Celia's commitment to integrity.

37. Pumpkins.

38. Hawks beating Panthers.

39. Elias being first up each morning and climbing into my chair to cuddle with me.

40. James self-governing honorably while his cousins were here.

41. Jonathan hanging out with his cousins and patiently explaining things to them.

42. Upcoming NaNoWriMo coffee dates with Sam.

43. Jeff's guitART.

44. Pumpkin carving with Rocci, and her willingness to come see us twice.

45. James's parent teacher conferences being short and sweet because he's doing awesome in all his classes with one B and five A's.

46. Mama serving tirelessly and beautifully and amazingly and awesomely and joyfully and proficiently and lovingly and wisely and humbly and compassionately and unforgettably.

47. Watching Cinderella with my three nieces.

48. Pickles.

49. Veggie Straws.

50. Finishing this post a week later, still feeling very grateful, wishing all the things that made me so thankful last week were still fresh in my mind, but loving the happy aftertaste on my heart.