Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Action

She Reads Truth said:

Take a moment today to look to your past and see how God has brought good from a hopeless situation. God works all things together for those who love Him.

Well, it wasn't exactly the distant past, and it wasn't exactly super hopeless, but here's what happened over Thanksgiving.

1) Neighbor M, here's $20. Will you please feed our outdoor cat while we're gone? We set up a warm little house for her, so she's good to go.

2) Happy Thanksgiving! In Oregon.

3) Home again, home again, jiggity jog.

4) Where's Gracie? She's usually here at Time A, Time B, Time C... she's out of pattern. We've been home 24 hours and still haven't seen her.

5) What if she got killed by the coons that always eat her food? What if she got stolen by the guy in our neighborhood who keeps stealing cats? What if she froze to death? We need to find a picture of her for a missing cat poster.

6) Neighbor M, how did it go with feeding Gracie? We can't find her.

7) "We never saw her, but there was food eaten every day." Which could have been eaten by any stray cat. Or coon.

8) Let's ask Neighbor D.

9) How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was great! We went to Oregon. We asked Neighbor M to feed Gracie, but now we can't find her.

10) "She's here. We brought her inside because it was below freezing and she was scratching at our door. Do you want her?"

11) Yes. We were really worried.

12) "She's been nice and warm inside our house." Right. Even including the 24 hours we've been home...

13) Well, thank you for keeping her safe! Next time we go on vacation, we'll just ask you to watch her.

14) Mixed bag. Glad the cat is alive, a little weirded out by the neighbor.

15) Looks like Gracie is going back to being an inside cat. Where's that litter box?

16) So glad she's curled up on my lap again. I missed that.

17) Ultimately, very thankful God continues to answer my prayer for ways to connect with the neighbors.