Thursday, October 31, 2013

Goron and the Werewolf Pirate

This is Goron. He's a rock creature from The Legend of Zelda.
He's made out of foam insulation, spray paint, and Value Village attire.
He is not a turtle. He's a rock.
A very tough rock. With tattoos.
This is a werewolf pirate. The first in a series of Halloween costume mash-ups.
He's made out of Dad's old clothes, my old clothes, a pirate kit from Value Village, a werewolf mask, and a fabric fur remnant from Joann that was 90% off.
Don't mess with him, yo. He'll eat your face. And then plunder yer treasure. Arrrr...
All while howling at the moon in desperate frustration. That he doesn't have more candy.