Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maybe by Year 13

I look at the dishes in the sink and feel thankful that I am doing a better job of maintaining my home than I ever have before.

I glance into the cozy room at the mountain of clean laundry and know I still have a ways to go before I have achieved my personal definition of successful housekeeping.

I dream about one day being praised for my Proverbs 31 home and think that I will reply, "Well, it took me 13 years to figure it out..."

Because I'm partway through Year 12 of marriage, and surely, by Year 13, I will have it figured out. I will be a better housekeeper. A perfect housekeeper.

And I laugh. Of course I will never be a perfect housekeeper. No one is.

Then grace trips me up. Derails my ridiculous train of thought. Burns my pride to ash. 

"You're already better..." I hear Jeana's voice in my head. "You're already perfect..."

In Christ.