Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Sunday

Each Sunday this summer, we hope to take a drive and have a picnic. The first week, we went to Granite Falls. We learned that the falls were named by the railroad way back when, onaccounta there's a lot of granite at the falls. The town was subsequently named after the falls, by the same railroad.

Last week, we went to the Mukilteo Lighthouse. We learned that it marks the spot where George Vancouver landed in 17-something.

Today we went to Lake Roesiger Park. We learned that it was originally homesteaded by a man named Roesiger, who emigrated from Germany in 1882 at age 20. He hung around the Renton area for a while when he first came to the northwest, but some political nonsense eventually saw him retreating into the hills. He found the lake and built his life around it, marrying a gal named Caroline who came from Germany just to marry him, did so on the day she arrived in the country, and also on the same day, walked 13 miles with him to their new home on the lake. They built a resort there eventually and forever shared their lake with others. Including us today.

Now the pics.


Sir James du Lac.

Father guiding sons.

The boys decided to add to their rock collection.

Sir Jonathan du Lac.

Moses supposes his toeses are roses.

I'm 100% certian Jeff does not want this picture online. But... I can't help it. He's such a hottie!

Awwww... it's us! We're so cute.

I asked Jeff to take a picture of me to document the fact that I actually put my swimsuit on and went swimming in the lake with my family. He took way lots more pictures than I requested. This is me being all done with him taking pictures of me.

But Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, he knowses his toeses aren't roses.

Family Self-Portrait

Mt. Pilchuck on the right. It's only 5,340 feet, but it is farther west than the rest of the Cascades, so it looks very prominent. I don't know yet what those peaks are behind it, but I aim to find out. I did find out, however, that pilchuck is the Chinook word for "red water" which is found in a creek in the area colored by tannins.

Mt. Pilchuck. And purple. I heart purple. And old barns. I heart old barns.

And here is Glacier Peak, the fourth tallest mountain in Washington at 10,541 feet.

Jeana gave me this for my birthday after I announced to her one day that I want to turn my front yard into a bird sanctuary. To that end, I have... hung up this hummingbird feeder.

I wanted to capture the blueness of the sky.

My red maple. Being amazing. By existing. In my front yard.

I saw the sun... and it squinted up my eyes, I saw the sun...

As Moses supposes his toeses to be.

Gracie the predator. Aaaauuughhhhh!!!!! DON'T EAT ME!!!!!!!