Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Explore Washington: Festival Weekend

This weekend, we broke Project Explore Washington into two days.

On Day One, we drove to Anacortes to watch my mom sing in a concert. She joined a women's acapella group several months ago, and I'd been dying to hear her sing, so I was thrilled to hear she was performing only an hour away. Her group was invited by a men's acapella group to make a guest appearance at their annual barbershop festival, and together, they performed a very sweet, happy rendition of Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You from The Music Man, which is a Baker family classic.

Mom's group also performed several other songs, and I'm not ashamed to say I cried all the way through their entire set. It was just so wonderful to hear choir music, acapella choir music no less, Mom's group, the music selections, the sweetness, the poignant moments of missing Dad, the whole nine yards. I didn't blubber and wail, though. Just a steady stream of very delicate tears. I have great concert etiquette.

On Day Two, we walked around Aquafest in Lake Stevens for, like, fifteen minutes. We saw lots of carnival rides, cool hand-shaped chairs, wooden benches dedicated to so-and-so, tons of jewelry booths, a friendly photo button barker, a couple of crochet booths, lots of very greasy food, and a sailboat race. Some twin teen boys won. Their boat was made out of tarps and some other stuff. It was sorta funny because there was barely any wind, so the boats pretty much drifted lazily toward the dock. It was a super duper slow race. Oh. We also saw a covered wagon. That was nifty.

We only stayed fifteen minutes because we weren't spending money this year and we only stopped by after church on our way home and we wanted to get home and eat lunch and such, but if we had spent money, we would have bought the boys carnival ride tickets, eaten elephant ears, bought way too many used books, ridden the ferris wheel, and sung Shipoopi.

While we went to the barbershop festival in Anacortes and Aquafest in Lake Stevens, Jeana had a jewelry booth at the Old Fashioned Festival in Newberg, which is the festival we've gone to these many years. We're glad Lake Stevens has a similar festival on the same weekend, and we plan to go every year, but I missed Jeana lots and lots. Here. Go look at her etsy shop.