Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Bits

5:22am, July 3, 2013. What I saw when I first opened my eyes.

Our front yard. One if by land...

...two if by sea. I guess we came by land.

Happy birthday, America! (And Ruth.)

Red helicopter from my red maple.

Jeff spent a significant portion of his holiday fixing my Jeep. I learned the names of some car parts. Axle, steering knuckle, rotor, hub. Guess what made more sense after I learned about the hub? Yep. Hub cap.


Jeff found me a new radio at Pick and Pull. My old radio was crappy. The volume buttons didn't work much, and a lot of the other buttons had to be pushed a lot of times before they would respond. This radio has a cassette player, too, which is happy for my keepsake cassettes (don't judge) and also for my cassette-to-mp3 adapter. Happy.

Whidbey Island. See the seal?

It's right there. I think I'll call it Nessie.


Mukilteo Lighthouse.


This one?

Or this one? (For the bathroom.)

My new journal.