Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ephraim Frame

Okay, I only have like thirty minutes before my kids start their chores and subsequently protest if I don't start mine at the same time they do.


My married name is Frame, and the other day I went searching for its meaning. It's Scottish in origin, and most name meaning sites said they weren't really sure what its origin was. One site said it was the Scottish derivative of Ephraim.


Not sure if it's true, but it makes sense and I'm goin' with it.

So I looked up Ephraim.

It means doubly blessed.

That's me! I was blessed to be a Baker, and now I'm doubly blessed to be a Frame. I have been doubly blessed with two sons. My husband is, like, the most amazing and skilled person alive, so he's like having every awesome husband rolled into one. A double blessing for sure. I am doubly blessed.

So then on YouVersion on my phone, I started reading Hosea via She Reads Truth (which I honestly think should be renamed She NEEDS Truth), and I discovered lots of mention of Ephraim. Mainly because sometimes Ephraim refers to the entire northern kingdom of Israel.

I very much enjoyed all the good things Hosea had to say about Ephraim, and I had no trouble relating them to myself.

Only... there aren't that many good things said about Ephraim. They get scolded a lot. They are joined to idols. They sell themselves. They love shame. They will become a desolation in the day of judgement.

I didn't enjoy reading all the bad things about Ephraim, and I certainly didn't want to relate them to myself.

But I had to.

I have been joined to idols. I have sold myself. I have loved shame. I deserve to become a desolation in the day of judgment.

I am Ephraim. I am doubly cursed. And I know it.

But God.

...who is slow to anger and rich in love...

He doesn't always scold.
He won't be angry forever.
He does not deal with me according to my sin.
He does not repay me according to my iniquity.
As high as the heavens are above the earth,
So great is his steadfast love toward me.

Not my steadfast faithfulness toward him. His steadfast love toward me. When I am faithless, he remains faithful. He is steadfast because I am not.

As far as the east is from the west,
So far does he remove my transgression from me.

"Oh, thank God! Oh, praise him that we know something other than the wrath, judgment, and despair we deserve!" ~Elyse Fitzpatrick

As a father shows compassion to his children,
So the Lord shows his compassion to me.

For he knows my... wait for it... frame.

He knows my frame.
He knows that I am Ephraim.
He knows that I deserve to go to hell.

He remembers that I am dust.

And he has compassion.

When he looks at me, he sees Christ. He sees beauty. He sees a girl who is already better.

Not wrath. Compassion.

Unlike the chore nazis now breathing down my neck. Gotta go.