Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stuff That's Happy

1) In this house, all of my kitchen storage (ziploc bags, foil, etc.) fits in one drawer.

2) My front yard has a great landscaping layout that makes it easy to care for the mature vegetation while allowing me to create beautiful new spaces.

3) God gave me a red leaf maple.

4) This home has a cozy sitting room.

5) The backyard is securely fenced and nearly half an acre deep, enabling the dogs to run all around and providing storage for various things we love.

6) We have a big ol' shed.

7) We like our neighbors.

8) We're farther north, eh, so there's a noticeable difference in daylight. On the shortest day of the year, I picked up the boys from school at dusk. I haven't experienced the longest day of the year yet, but it's already lighter out later than the longest day of the year in Oregon. Pretty cool.

9) Our house has beautiful floors.

10) A lot of beautiful birds hang around in our yard.

11) The river is a block and a half away.

12) There's a fruit stand around the corner.

13) We have super duper tall old growth timber on and around our property.

14) There seems to be a cultural politeness here that I've never experienced before.

15) It doesn't get as hot here in the summer as it does in Oregon.

So THAT'S happy.