Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Praise the Savior Daily

I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty bored of having nightmares about my dad. Last night's was especially difficult. I dreamed the coroner couldn't cut him down 'til spring and he spent the entire winter in the forest, cocooned in ice. So horrifying.

Various bits like this contributed to my PTSD diagnosis and 150mg/day of Zoloft. I heart Zoloft.

I also love what my doctor said about me: that for someone whose PTSD diagnosis is so severe, I am very highly functional.

The best part is that she didn't actually say that about me. She said that about Christ in me, even though she didn't know it.

After my diagnosis, I blogged that PTSD would not stand for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but Praise The Savior Daily. Why? Because I can't control PTSD, but I can control my response to it, and the best response is praise.

This morning, I need to praise. I need to praise God that Dad did not have to stay in the forest all winter, that the coroner was able to bring him out of the woods the same day he was found, that he was only there for two days, that God answered my prayer that he would be found quickly as soon as the search began, and mostly, that he is now warm, bright, perfected, glorified, happy, fulfilled, free, and perfectly praising his Savior daily. (Do they have days in heaven? Continually, at any rate.)

Will you please help me praise today? Leave a comment here or on facebook that reminds me of something good? That helps me live in the light of today instead of the dark of last night's nightmare?

Here's a song to get us started: