Sunday, June 30, 2013

Injury Week Gratitude

It appears to be Injury Week here at the Frame household.

Jeff whacked his head at work twice. He's got a big ol' knot on his forehead and a scrape above his eye.

I dislocated my sternoclavicular joint as I tossed a sleeping bag and sliced my finger whilst cutting watermelon.

Jonathan fell off a fence, landed smack on his back, whacked his head, and scraped his elbow and knee. The next day he tripped while walking and ripped half of his toenail off.

James remains unscathed.


I'm thankful James remains unscathed.

I'm thankful Jonathan did not have a concussion and did not rip his entire toenail off.

I'm thankful my joint is popping itself back into place and my fingernail stopped the knife before it hit bone.

I'm thankful Jeff's forehead kept his eyes safe.

I love the way God takes care of us. :)