Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WWW ~ Funny!

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This week, I asked Jeana, "What color would you never ever, ever paint any part of the interior or exterior of your house?" Read her answer here.

Jeana asked me, "What is your all-time favorite joke?"

I thought of four jokes. Here they are in the reverse order in which they came to mind.

The first one is funnier if you watch it. Watch.

The second I read on some sort of "comfort for church leaders" site back when I was on church staff. True story, apparently.

A young pastor performing his first funeral intoned as the coffin was lowered into the ground, "Ashes to ashes... dust to dust..." and then his mind went blank.

During the awkward pause that followed, he searched frantically for something to say. Finally, he blurted out, "...hope this coffin doesn't rust!"

The third is also a funeral joke... one my dad used to tell all the time. I don't know if this was a true story or not.

Dad used to say, "There was this pastor at a funeral, and he was talking along, trying to comfort the family members. He wanted to make the point that their loved one was with the Lord, so he stretched his hand toward the open casket and said, 'Now remember. This is just a shell. The nut has gone.'"

And finally, my all-time favorite joke, another my dad used to tell.

There was this parrot, and all she ever said was, "Let's neck! Let's neck!" Her owner was pretty embarrassed and didn't know how to shut her up.

Then one day, he came across another parrot owner. Turned out his parrot also repeated one phrase all the time. Only he said, "Let's pray! Let's pray!"

Well, the two parrot owners got to thinking that maybe if they put the prayerful parrot with the cheeky parrot, the prayerful parrot might be a good influence. They gave it a shot.

When the two parrots got together, the male parrot looked at the female parrot and chirped, "Let's pray! Let's pray!"

The female parrot cocked her head sideways at the male parrot and chirped back, "Let's neck! Let's neck!"

"HALLELUJAH!" yelled the male parrot. "My prayer's been answered!"

What's your favorite joke? Leave it as a comment. And don't forget to go tell Jeana what color you hate.