Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wonder Women WSaturday ~ Favorite Class of All

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This week, I asked Jeana, "What's the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?"

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Jeana asked me, "What was your favorite class in college and what did you love about it?"

Easy. Chorale. A choir I sang in at The Master's College. I joined during the first week of my college career and spent four amazing years singing, learning, growing, touring, recording, leading, and building lifelong friendships. The Chorale was my college family, and some of the close friendships I formed through it are even closer today.

"You Are the Light" is my favorite Chorale song of all time. Listen.

From my freshman year, my favorite song is "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go". That year, we toured California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. I got to visit the Texas School Book Depository Museum in Dallas, which was especially interesting to me because during high school, I watched an entire 330min docu-trial of Lee Harvey Oswald including each frozen frame of the Zapruder film analyzed in detail. But the main thing I remember about that museum visit was the guestbook. As I signed it, I noticed another comment near mine. It said, "There is only One worthy of worship: Jesus Christ." So now, whenever I think of the Kennedy assassination, that comment comes to mind.

At the end of my sophomore year, the Chorale toured Israel. My favorite song from that year is "Hatikvah", which at the time was the unofficial national anthem of Israel. (It's official now.) Touring Israel was spectacular, of course. My favorite places were the Sea of Galilee, the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, and Hezekiah's Tunnel. I also very much loved walking around the top of the Old City wall, and spelunking underneath the Old City. But my most poignant memory from the Israel tour was our stop at the House of Hope in Bethlehem. An elderly blind woman named Alice sang an acapella solo for us that I've never forgotten. I don't remember the details of her hard life, but I remember the joy on her face as she sang for us, in heavily-accented English, "Jesus Is All the World to Me". She meant it. The most amazing testimony I've ever witnessed.

Sue, the lady who swiped our meal cards in the college dining hall, handed out little verses on tiny cards each day. One I carried with me all the way through college. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." Isaiah 26:3. Such a comforting verse. Consequently, my favorite song from that year is "Stayed on Jesus". Such a comforting song! Even now, umpteen years later, I sometimes wake up in the morning with that song in my head, and I am encouraged to cry out to Jesus. Beautiful.

After my junior year, I went to the Philippines on a missions trip and got typhoid fever. I spent a lot of my senior year sick and fuzzy-headed and confused. Then, on Chorale tour that year, I contracted intestinal bird flu in Canada from a host family. Because of typhoid, the bird flu took several months to recover from. That was a bit of a drag. Anyway, the only song I remember from that year is John Rutter's "Cantate Domino" because we worked on it for so long in my alto sectional. I really don't think it was my favorite song that year, but at least it was memorable. :)

So that was my favorite "class" in college.

How about you? What was your favorite class in college? And don't forget to head over to Jeana's blog to read her answer to my question and tell us the weirdest thing you've ever eaten.