Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday ~ What's In a Name?

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This week, I asked Jeana, "What is your dream ministry?" Read her answer here.

Jeana asked me, "Why were you given your name(s)?"

I love this question! I love talking about my names.

I was named Rebekah after the wife of Isaac in the Old Testament. Rebekah is a Hebrew word meaning set aside for a special purpose, but it comes from a root word meaning fatted calf. So... if I live up to my name, I will be stuffed full of amazing food, slaughtered, and eaten at a party. Hmmmm...

My nickname, Becky, is what I've always been called, as long as I can remember. Unless I was in big trouble and my mom whisper-shouted *Rebekah!* at me. As a grownup, I use Rebekah for official stuff like going to the doctor and paying the power bill. I'm Becky everywhere else. It means captivating.

I was nicknamed Becky after one of my mom's good friends from high school. I wrote to her once when I was about in middle school or so. "Dear Becky. I was named after you. Etc. Sincerely, Becky." She wrote back, and I can't really remember much of what she said, but it was cool that she wrote.

My middle name is Doris, which means gift. I'm named after my Mom's mom, who is my only remaining living grandparent. She's 90 now and has dementia. Most of the time, she doesn't remember me, but the last time I went to visit her, she lit up like a Christmas tree, knew exactly who I was, asked how my life was going, and held my hand. It was so wonderful.

I love being named after Gramma Doris because we are very much alike in so many ways. We both love crossword puzzles, being organized, doing the same thing day in and day out, eating the same thing for breakfast every day, going for walks, studying genealogy, journaling, saying "whatever" when people do something we disagree with, reading historical fiction, and being snarky. We are both the younger of two sisters, we both love being at home, and we both have a special spot where we sit, surrounded by our things that we like to keep near at all times, centrally located in a social setting so we don't miss anything. The main thing, though, is that we look incredibly alike. I look more like Gramma Doris than I do my mom. It's a bit uncanny and super cool.

My maiden name, Baker, is the English spelling, but that side of my family is German. I'm sure the spelling of the name was changed when we immigrated. At any rate, we baked great bread back in the day. We still do, as a matter of fact.

My married name, Frame, was given to me by Jeff. That makes me happy. I like Jeff. The name is Scottish, and doesn't know its origin, but they suggest it might be an Anglecized form of Ephraim. If that's true, then my last name means double fruitfulness. So when I'm slaughtered and eaten at a party, there will be not one but two apples stuck in my mouth...

Those are all my official names.

Here are a few of my nicknames.

Daddy called me Rebekah-dekah and Bec.
Mama calls me Becky-Rec and Becca-Bee and Becca.
My sister coined me Rekab Sirod Hakeber.
A few of my brothers, and now their spouses, call me Reckenhead.
My nieces and nephews call me Auntie Becky.
Some of my college friends call me Becks.
My brother-in-law calls me Bex. Which is different than Becks.
My college roommate's dad called me Becky-Boo.
My fav college professor called me Becky Beulah Baker.
My friend Kiert calls me Besky. I call her Kiert.
Oddly, a lot of people have always said my first and last names together as one word. Before and after marriage. Beckybaker. Beckyframe.
Jeana calls me BF. Or BFF. Becky Frame Friend.
Jeff calls me Bexy. Guess why.

He also calls me Revkah, which is the Hebrew pronunciation of my name.

That's my favorite. :)

How about you? Why were you given your names? Leave your answer as a comment. We'd love to hear your story. And be sure to head over to Jeana's blog to read her answer to my question and tell us about your dream ministry, if you have one.