Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wonder Women Wednesday ~ Well Worth the Scar

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This week, I asked Jeana, "Who was your first childhood crush and what did you like about him?" Read her answer here.

Jeana asked me, "Where is your worst physical scar and how did you get it?"

My worst physical scar is also my best physical scar -- my c-section scar. Last summer, I got an ultrasound as part of the diagnostic process for endometriosis, and the radiologist said she could see the portion of the scar that's on the inside of my uterus. I thought that was pretty cool.

Obviously, I got my c-section scar from giving birth. To Jonathan.

I had delivered James naturally two years previously. He weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces and his head was 14.5 inches around. I pushed for over two hours with James, and the doctor finally pulled him out with a vacuum extractor because he was stuck in the birth canal. When all was said and done, there was so much tearing that I couldn't sit comfortably for several weeks. That was a bummer. :)

Jeff's family has large heads, and so does mine. Both Jeff and my brother, Tony, had to have special-ordered football helmets in high school, and I had to order the boy-sized graduation cap for my high school grad. It's too bad the genetics that made my skull big didn't increase the size of my pelvic cavity or birth canal.

I thought I went into labor four days after Jonathan's due date, but it was a false alarm and they sent me home. I was induced when he was eight days late.

I showed up bright and early to the hospital at 7am, and I was given pitocin shortly thereafter. Then we waited.

The doctor broke my water around noon. At 2pm, I was 4cm, and at 3pm, I was 9cm. Somewhere in there, I got my epidural. It didn't work completely at first. There was one spot that didn't get numbed, so a concentrated section of my abdomen felt each excruciating contraction.

It hurt. Ya know.

I hung out at 9cm for a while, and finally, around 4:30pm, I was given permission to start pushing.

I pushed.

Nothing happened. At all.

At 6:30pm, Jonathan had made zero progress down the birth canal. His head couldn't get past my pelvic bone. The doctor made the call to go ahead with the c-section, and because I already had an epidural port, they just put the spinal block in that. Everyone rushed all around making preparation, they put Jeff in scrubs, and they wheeled my bed into the OR. I puked en route. That was especially fun.

The anesthesiologist stayed by my head, and my nurse, who'd stayed late to get me through the birth even though her shift had ended, assisted my doctor. As I recall, we had to wait a few minutes for another OB to arrive and assist, and a lot of people blocked my view of the ceiling whilst mumbling their names and positions at me through surgical masks.

I remember feeling the pressure of the scalpel, but not the pain. Somehow, it didn't occur to me that they would have to cut through several layers, so that was another interesting sensation. When they lifted Jonathan out at 7:11pm, it felt like someone suddenly snatched an anvil off my abdomen that I didn't realize had been there.

Jonathan didn't cry. He was like, "Wait... What?"

He weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces and his head was 17.5 inches around. Not centimeters. Inches. It was obvious why we'd gone to the OR. He actually had a little cone on the back of his giant noggin where I'd tried to shove him through the minuscule opening in my pelvis for two hours.


Poor kiddo.

They took him out of the room for a little while, and Jeff went with him. I went to the recovery room, where I waited a ridiculously long time, like minutes and minutes, staring at the ceiling, wondering what was happening to my baby. After about twenty minutes, Jeff brought a snugly swaddled Jonathan to me and placed him in my arms. Finally.

I fell immediately in love and forgot all about any pain I'd experienced in the previous twelve hours. Jonathan was a blessing from the Lord and well worth the scar.

How about you? Where is your worst physical scar and how did you get it? Leave your answer as a comment. We'd love to hear your story. And be sure to head over to Jeana's blog to read her answer to my question and tell us about your first childhood crush.