Friday, January 11, 2013

Wait for Your Tummy to Settle

My sister-in-law, Kimberley, always tells her littles to wait for their tummies to settle when they ask for more food immediately after they've eaten. I decided to take her advice. Usually, when I stop eating and wait for my tummy to settle, I find I am full. (Just like science has already proven. I know.)

To help me stop overeating without waiting for my tummy to settle, I'm going to start using a smaller plate. That way, I won't serve myself as much food. And I'll stop eating when the plate is empty.

We'll see how it goes.

What do you do to control your portion sizes?

In other news, my tummy has settled in a different way. I have that lovely c-section crease bent on sagging its way down to my knees. It's not my favorite physical feature.

I'm going to do two things to fight back. First, I'm going to stop eating all the foods I'm allergic to. Again. The last time I did that, I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. This time, I have Metformin to help. So here's hopin'.

Secondly, I'm going to find a race to walk in and start training for it. My first step of training will be to make sure I eat breakfast with the boys, before I take them to school, and to put my Nikes on to drive them there. This propels me toward two options: 1) A walk to the river by my house, or 2) A walk down the trail a couple of blocks from the school.

I'm already in the habit of eating when they do, so now I just need to discipline myself to put my walking shoes on. Today, I wore my slippers to drive them to school, but the view on the way back was so spectacular that when I got home, I put my shoes on, grabbed my camera, and went out walking anyway, even though it was only like 26 degrees outside.

I walked to the river. My face only froze a little. So that's happy.

Here are some neato pics from my walk. I did not get a great picture of the spectacular mountains, but what else is new.

These mountains look way better in real life.

I heart frost.

I think the spider got cold and said, "Forget this. I'm outta here."

The river near our house.



The street we live on. Beautiful!