Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time, Talent, Treasure, Testimony

On Sunday morning, I learned about giving, which is convenient because that's my word of the year.

Our new church has a policy to give before they spend. This past year, they wanted to do a few upgrades to the building. Instead, they donated money to a church plant on a college campus which grew to 300 attendees in a short time, spawned another church plant on another campus, and is now reaching nearly a thousand students for Christ, if I'm remembering the story correctly.

What about the building upgrade? The labor was donated, someone offered to buy all the materials, someone else donated new carpet, and someone else offered to pay for all the tile. The entire building upgrade project was free. And a thousand students heard the gospel.

On Sunday evening, Jeff and I finally made it to the monthly new-to-the-church dinner, and we heard the church's philosophy, which we very much liked. The mission of the church is to find as many ways as possible to connect people to Jesus for the glory of God.

I also learned that the three things Christians are to steward are time, talent and treasure. I sort of knew that already, but not alliteratively. So handy.

The other thing I'm learning right now is that God has called me to testify, which I talked about in a previous post.


Putting it all together, I have a personal mission statement: To give time, talent, treasure and testimony for God's glory. Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The four T's of the aBeckylypse.

This mission statement creates boundaries for my life and choices. If something doesn't fall into one of the categories in my mission statement, I shouldn't choose it.

It also gives greater purpose to the things I find mundane, which is very happy. Things like showering, cleaning my house, going shopping, etc. Cleaning equals redemption, and the continuous redemption of my home testifies to my children about grace and salvation and the repetitive nature of our stumbling and God picking us back up. Of our loved ones stumbling and our forgiving them. Of the strain to be sanctified and the progress we make over time.

I'm excited to begin, by the grace of God, to live inside these boundaries. I heart boundaries.