Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Establishing my shopping routine in a new area is always difficult for me. Nearby, I have Safeway, Haggen, Fred Meyer, and Target. Farther off, I have Walmart and WinCo. I think there's a Costco around here somewhere, too.

I've been driving to Walmart a lot. Yesterday, I tried to do my first big shopping trip. I started at the Walmart Supercenter, but I didn't really like what I found in the grocery section. Then I had to run by Target, and I picked a few things up in the market. It was getting late, so I finished for the day at Safeway, just picking up enough for dinner. I like Safeway. If I have my Club Card.

Today, I went back to Walmart to pick up some prescriptions, and I intended to drive back to Safeway to do my shopping, but I knew there was a WinCo right up the road, so I went there instead.

It was the best WinCo I've ever been to in my whole grocery shopping life. First of all, it was set up just like the WinCo I left behind, so that was a big plus. Two distinct advantages over my old WinCo are 1) It's way bigger and more spacious, and clean and stuff, and 2) it's amazingly organized in exactly the way I mentally categorize groceries. For example, at my old WinCo, the packaged pepperoni is in the dairy section between the butter and the cookie dough. In the new WinCo, the packaged pepperoni is in the meat department next to the lunchmeat. Aha!

I very much enjoyed my shopping experience. Everything was familiar and easy to find.

My checker was slower than molasses in January. It took a really long time to get all my stuff loaded onto the conveyor even though my cart was only half full. Then, I waited a long time down at the other end before any of my groceries made it to the bagging area. While I waited, I observed two things: 1) I think this WinCo is pretty new, and 2) all of the checkers were slower than molasses in January. At least half the speed of the checkers at my old WinCo. All of them.

So... I think the management needs to have some sort of incentive for being a fast checker.

But the checkout speed was the only drawback. It's still the best WinCo of all time and worth the 20 minute drive. So I have decided that for my big shopping trips, I will shop at that WinCo until there is a closer one. And I will use Safeway for my pick-it-up-on-the-way-home stuff.

It feels good to have my shopping routine established. Now if I can just get my laundry routine going...