Monday, December 10, 2012

The Great Unknown

I'm feeling very nervous this morning. And sad a little too, I guess. The boys go back to school today. It is always hard for me to send them back to school after a break, but today is especially hard because they're going into The Great Unknown.

The school is ready for them. I've spoken with the receptionist, the secretary, the principal, and the school nurse, who gave me a message from the school psychologist. We know which classes the boys will be in, and we looked up their teachers online and read their "Welcome to Class" letters from the beginning of the school year.

The boys are excited, which is a miracle, given the way they felt leaving their old school. "When I get to my new school," they told me passionately, "I'm going to tell them that it is not really my school, they are not really my friends, and I don't belong there."


But I know they were just trying to express feelings, and those feelings have passed, and they are settling into life in Washington and looking forward to the future and finding good things about being here. "The water in Washington tastes better," said James happily yesterday.

(It's true. It does. We are on a community well and we can drink out of the tap again. I don't even need to use lemon.)

We all have a good first impression of the school. But I still feel nervous about The Great Unknown.

I spent some time this morning catching up on my sister's blog, and she quoted Francis Chan, asking, "What are you doing right now that requires faith?"

Sending my boys to a new school.

I am so thankful that the faith to do this is not something I have to drum up on my own. It was given to me by Jesus Christ. He understands my feelings, and He's here with me, and He will be there with them.

I don't have to have faith for this specific situation. I only have to have faith in Him, to whom my Great Unknown is not unknown at all.