Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rest Day

I think today will be a rest day. Unless my sister-in-law goes into labor. Then it will be a road-trip-with-Mom day and a hug-the-munchkins day. Clearly, whatever this day turns out to be, it is already a hyphenated-made-up-phrase day.

I know I will rest more effectively if I eliminate the Christmas detritus, but then it would not be a rest day. It would be a work day. This is my favorite part of fibromyalgia. Sitting around looking at clutter because I need to rest. The children will help me (or else), and things will be restored to order. It will just take longer than I want it to. And that is okay.

Today I read about the demon-possessed man whose demons went into the herd of pigs. I've always wondered what happened to the demons after they left the bodies of the pigs. And how that was a better alternative to being sent out of the country. Would Jesus allow them to leave the pigs and roam free again, looking for someone else to devour? How does a demon die, anyway? And what happened to all the demons Jesus cast out of people? Did they leave earth? Go back to the underworld? Possess someone else? Are they still out there somewhere, banging up against the impenetrable shield of light surrounding those hidden in Christ?

Anyway, at the end of the story, the formerly-demon-possessed man asks to accompany Jesus, and Jesus says to him, "Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you."


This is God's repeated lesson to me. Testify.

So... here's something.

The carport at our last house didn't have any walls, so Jeff's stuff got pretty wet and cranky. Jeff's dreams was to enclose the carport, add a door, and build shelving.

At our new house, there used to be a garage, but it got enclosed and became a cozy room with a wood stove and rustic wooden walls. So a carport was added on the other end of the house. At some point, a front wall was added to the carport and a garage door was installed. So now there's a garage again.

Some brilliant thinking person added an amazing feature to the new garage. Off to one side, running the length of the garage but jutting out from where the outer wall would be, is a long, low bench. It stands about three feet high, and it's about four feet deep. It's perfect for Jeff because he likes to spread out so he can find everything he needs for a project. In the past, he's had to spread his tool bins out on the floor of his work space. In this garage, he can spread everything out on the bench and still have a big open floor space to set up his saws and walk around without tripping over tools.

I love God's provision of a gigantor bench for Jeff's tools. As we were looking for houses, God's verse for me was, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what God has planned..." Jeff's tool bench is definitely something I did not think of. But God did.

Thanks, God. :) I like You. :)