Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Day

Lots of happy things happened today.

1) I finally made it to The Weed Patch and met Janene. Yay.

2) I had coffee with Sam. Double yay.

3) I learned there is such a thing as cuticle cream.

4) I met a new yarn store, signed up to be notified about upcoming knitting classes, and entered a drawing for cool yarny stuff.

5) I got gas for $3.13/gallon.

6) I meandered happily around the American Girl doll store with my sister and my niece.

7) I sang "Happy Birthday" four times.

8) I had goat cheese.

9) I had fudge.

10) I blew kisses.

11) I wore my purple bloom brooch.

12) I got crocheted fingerless mitts in the mail from Ruth.

13) I finished unpacking the kitchen.

14) I got my next WA date with Jeana all planned.

15) I was given a membership to Pacific Science Center as a housewarming gift.

Today was a very happy day. :)