Sunday, October 21, 2012

Echo-y Freedom

My landlord wrote and said she is planning to sell our property for sure and the realtor might drop by sometime this weekend. I've been sick with a bad cold all week and so tired and up to my ears in puppies and taking care of the boys and myself, etc. that hearing I would have to prepare for showings on top of it just put me right over the edge.

So my friend, Jeana, came over yesterday and helped me get the place cleaned up. There was a bunch of clutter outside, so we put away everything that doesn't grow in nature, and I will park in front of the carport when there are showings, which will hide most of the things there. We straightened up the front porch and the front yard, too.

Then we came inside and washed all the walls and every surface in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. My cabinets are white again! Very encouraging.

Then, after we finished cleaning and making the house all sparkly, we did some purging. We first purged the shelves above my washer and dryer. It felt so good. We pared the junk pile down by two-thirds. Half of it to trash, half of it to Goodwill. Now, the upper shelf is totally empty except for stuff that will stay here with the house, and the second shelf only has a handful of cleaning supplies, a bucket of batteries, and a small bin of light bulbs and outlet covers.

Then we tackled the hutch in the dining room. I now have two cute vases not in use, one cute vase in use, and two orange juice carafes in use as vases. And I have one box of apple cinnamon votive candles, three votive candle holders, and one wood-scented candle. I kept all my Willow Tree.

After that, we went through our board games and cards. Boys howdy. We definitely got rid of two-thirds of our board games and at least three-quarters of our decks of cards. It felt sooooooo good. And miracle of miracles, the boys were willing to let the ginormous stack go to Goodwill. Hallelujah!

After we finished purging, the house actually felt lighter and echo-y. Very happy.

I feel free. :)