Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cuteness, Togetherness, & First World Problems

I bought Green Eggs and Ham pajamas and Wal-Mart today. They're super cute. I also bought a Lady and the Tramp pajama top and some black sweats to wear to my sleep study. They're way comfy.

Jeff is home this weekend. And because we set a moving date of November 10, he says he will come home next weekend as well! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!? It means our separations are getting shorter and shorter!!! Wooohoooo!!!! :) :) :)

The first stint, we were apart fifteen days. The second stint was nine days. This, the third stint, was eleven days. The next stint will only be five days! And the stint after that will only be four! Then we will move, and then I will probably go stay with my mom for a couple of weeks, where I will only be an hour and a half away from Jeff and we will see each other more frequently. Then after that, we will live together again and only be separated for hours at a time. Not days.

This is very happy.

We like to be together.

We sent our bed to the dump this morning. It had been hurting our backs for, oh, about six years or so. When sleeping on the floor or in the recliner is way more comfortable than sleeping in the bed, it's time to get a new bed.

Jeff and I are both having sleep studies. His is tonight, and mine is in about a week or so. I'm pretty sure he has sleep apnea. I'm not so sure I have it, but we're checking anyway because I get so sleepy during the day, sleep so lightly at night, and wake up so exhausted every morning. But if I don't have sleep apnea, my doctor will give me a prescription sleep aid which should really help.

Better sleep is in our near future.

This is a first world problem.