Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chocolate + Marshmallows = Divine Love

We have set a moving date of November 10. The boys don't have school on the 8th or 9th, so their last day at their much-beloved grade school will be November 7.

I told them this yesterday.

Jonathan cried out passionately for the apocalypse to come this instant and end his pain and suffering. James declared himself to be an athiest. Jonathan wanted to know why God was doing this to him. James said if there even was a God, He surely didn't care.

So I took the boys outside for a walk around the property with the dogs. The fresh air and happy pets lifted their spirits a little, but the drippy hint of rain added annoyance. So there was maybe still a God, maybe not. It was undecided.

Then I pointed out that it was sun-shining and raining at the same time, and that made me feel hopeful. This cheered Jonathan immensely. James said that if there even was a God, that was all He cared about. Sunshine.

Jonathan said he thought maybe the rain was like tears. I agreed and told him that sometimes when I'm sad, and it starts raining, I feel like God is crying with me, and that comforts me.

James argued grumpily that rain is just rain, and then he stormed off to his bedroom.

I gave James a few minutes to calm himself down. Then, from outside the boys' bedroom door, I loudly offered Jonathan hot cocoa with marshmallows. Jonathan wanted to accept, but he didn't want to have hot cocoa without James, so he said he would wait until James was ready.

I went to see if James was ready. When I walked into his room, he informed me that he had decided not to be an atheist after all, but he wanted to make sure I knew he was still angry.

I nodded solemnly and told him it was okay to be angry, and the kind of loss he is experiencing will probably make him angry off and on for the next several months, and that is okay, too.

Then I asked if he wanted hot cocoa with marshmallows.

He nodded.

Moments later, seated snugly on the couch sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows, the boys decided together that God might love them after all.

I love how God uses chocolate and marshmallows to accomplish kingdom work.