Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh, Right. I Have a Blog. I Forgot.

Lemme es'plain.

No. Dere is too much.

Lemme sum up. Buttercup is marry Humperdink in leettle less dan half an hour.

In no particular order of importance, here are the things I feel like blogging about.

1) I got some super cute slippers at Bi-Mart. They're sorta moccasin-lookin'.

2) I have decided to stop hating the color gray. It has its uses.

3) I bought some sort of silvery greeny pewtery shoes. The thing is... I saw this lady at Winco who had a super cool weird hat on and I loved it, and I was like, to myself, "I always appreciate other people's artsy clothes. Why don't I start wearing clothes I think are artsy?" So I bought silvery greeny pewtery shoes. They're not overtly artsy, but they're not black, and that's a step for me. Gotta start somewhere.

4) I am wearing all pink today.

5) Jeff made the bestest amazingest whelping box in the universe. It rocks.

6) We had more puppies last week. They were not planned. I had to keep telling myself, "Puppies are a blessing from the Lord. The fruit of Rosy's womb is a reward."

7) Jeff was gone for fifteen days, our longest separation ever, during which time the puppies came. God preserved me. And Jeff's mom came to help. A Godsend.

8) Also while Jeff was gone, I had surgery. Endometriosis. My mom came to help, and so did my cousin. There was much cleaning (mom) and apple picking (cousin). There was also a gluten-free apple crisp. YUM. There was also oxycodone. I heart oxycodone. Which is probably why the prescription bottle says "Federal law prohibits refill."

9) Jeff was gone because he got a job in another state. Yay for income. Our income has been flexible since 2002, and we're kinda looking forward to something more predictable for a while.

10) As soon as we find housing in the new location, we are moving there. We don't know when yet. It depends on God's plan for housing. I love knowing He has our next house all picked out. He is trustworthy.

11) I sure hope His amazing, trustworthy plan does not include an extended separation from my husband. It sucks to be apart. We hate it. However, I needed Jeff to go out of town so God could remind me that I am competent and useful and can efficiently run our home. I'm happy to have rediscovered that. And it's good to know because Jeff's job has rather long hours and he needs to be able to focus on work without worrying that things are falling apart at home. They aren't. They're running smoothly. Even with surgery and houseguests and doctor appointments and physical and occupational therapy and newborn puppies. I've seen how cool God is in a bunch of ways I wouldn't have seen if Jeff had been here.

12) James is in physical therapy for being a toe-walker, and in occupational therapy for being, you know, occupational. Just kidding. He's working on fine motor skills, learning to make eye contact in conversation, and other things most people take for granted. It's going really well. We love our therapists!

13) I knitted two hats, and I'm working on some fingerless mitts. I decided I really do not like knitting small projects with double-pointed needles. I'm going to try to get a 40" cable like my knitting mentor has and knit small round projects that way from now on.

14) It's Picture Day next Friday. Time to go to Great Clips.

15) I got in to see an endocrinologist at OHSU and he's doing different tests than I've ever had done before, which is encouraging. He is trying to figure out why I have hirsutism. He is also probably going to put me on Metformin. It's about freakin' time.

16) I'm still taking Zoloft, and it's still helping a ton. I know because during the first week of puppies, I forgot to take my daily dose for two days in a row and by the third day I was really super moody. Not cranky, but down. Asking Jeff questions on the phone like, "Are you sure you miss me?" And having nightmares about him having another family in Washington. Which he assured me was categorically false. As soon as I got back on track with Zoloft, my outlook was much happier.

17) Jeff came home this week for a doctor appointment and got to stay for five days. It was a little slice of heaven on earth. And we realized that fifteen days, our first separation of this phase of our lives, will be our longest separation. He left this afternoon, and we will see him again in ten days. We will get to be together five days, and then we will see him again in twelve days. We will only be together two days that time, but then we will see him again in nine days. We're really hoping that it won't be too much longer after that before we move and get to see him every day again.

18) I'm purging. It's slow going, but it feels good to offload. I can breathe more easily. God showed us a lot at this property about laying up treasures where moth and rust destroy. And rain. And spiders. And rodents. We're ready to cling a little less desperately to the past and look a little more purposefully to the future.

19) Jeff gets paid holidays and paid sick days and paid vacation. Haven't had that since 2002. We're a little giddy about that.

20) Jonathan is nine! Can you believe it?!