Monday, August 27, 2012

James and the Golden Cookies (aka Jonathan and the Laundry Heap)

by Jonathan Frame

"You must bring me three golden cookies from the Plate of Hesperides," King Jeff commanded James.

James didn't know where the plate was and begged the goddess Athene to help him.

"You'll find it in on a sacred countertop in the kitchen in the middle of the house," said Athene.

James thanked her and, after many, many billionth seconds, he reached the counter's end and saw Jonathan, the guy who held up the laundry heap.

"How can I get the golden cookies?" James asked Jonathan.

"Go to the countertop and appease the dragon mother who guards them. Then come back here. Only I can get the cookies," said Jonathan, groaning under the weight of the laundry heap.

James appeased the dragon mother with hugs and kisses. He knew they would soften her up. Then he returned to Jonathan.

"Hold the laundry heap for me while I go get the cookies," said Jonathan.

But the heap was too much for James.

Jonathan saw his chance to claim the cookies for himself while James was tangled under a mass of soiled, odoriferous clothing.

And he did.

The End