Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Harry Potter Movie Marathon Song

We're watching a movie marathon this summer. The first installment was Harry Potter. One evening, Jonathan sang something about Harry Potter to the tune of the theme song by John Williams. I joined in and we improvised a couple of lines of lyrics.

This was a big hit.

So I decided to surprise them with more lyrics. I scratched out some lyrics about the four movies we'd watched thus far, and at bedtime, I surprised them with a brand new lullaby. They were delighted, and they immediately commissioned me to finish the song and also write lyrics to all the theme songs of all the rest of the movies in our marathon. I happily accepted my commission, beings as how one of my hidden talents is cheesy rhyming poetry.

Tonight, I scratched out the other half of the song, and sang it to my very approving children. In fact, I think I can still hear them singing it to each other as I write.

Since my masterpiece received such rave reviews from its target audience, I have decided that you have nothing at all better to do than experience it for yourself. And so, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, the Harry Potter Movie Marathon Song. To be sung to the theme song by John Williams.


The story of Harry Potter
Ron and Hermione
With Dumbledore, Hagrid, Fred and George
And Harry's girl, Ginny

They strive to fight off Voldemort
Death Eaters and Malfoys
Professor Snape, their nemesis
Is mean to the girls and boys

The sorcerer's stone is first
The baselisk's number two
Then Scabbers is really Wormtail
And loyal to You-Know-Who

Then comes the bright Tri-Wizard Cup
It's really a portkey
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named returns
And kills Cedric Diggory

Then Luna can see the thestrals
And Umbridge is a dung face
Then Bellatrix breaks from Azkaban
And Sirius falls with grace

Slughorn returns to teach potions
And Harry sees memories
Then Draco disarms Dumbledore
And Snape joins the enemies

A lot of people start to die
While Horcruxes must be found
Then Harry disarms Draco
And Dobby is heavenbound

Then everyone goes to Hogwarts
The casualty list is long
When Voldemort strikes down Harry
It seems that all hope is gone

But Harry returns to life and
Voldemort finally dies
There's happiness ever after
And wizards become more wise

The story of Harry Potter
Is almost a legend
This well-told tale of loss and love
Comes to a happy end

Thank you! Thank you! You're too kind!

I will let you know how many offers I get from rhyming poetry publishers.