Monday, May 28, 2012

The Hand Creature Civilization

by Becky and Jonathan Frame

When Jonathan was eighteen months old, he decided one of his hands was a duck puppet, and the other was a cow puppet. His duck and cow puppets talked all the time. To each other, to his brother, to his father and his mother.

One day, Jonathan hit his brother, James. I pulled Jonathan aside, squatted down to his eye level, made eye contact with him, ensured that I had his attention, and said, "Jonathan. We don't hit. It is not okay for you to hit your brother."

Without batting an eye, Jonathan looked solemnly at me, raised his hand puppets and said, "I no hit. Cow hit. Bad cow." Then the duck puppet smacked the cow puppet. Apparently, the duck puppet was not going to put up with any bovine scatology.

Ever since then, Jonathan's hands have been puppets. More recently, he has created an entire puppet civilization, which comes in handy especially when he is doing things like riding in the car, waiting for a doctor appointment, or standing in line at Disneyland.

It is my privilege to introduce them to you.

This is Handy. He's the first member of the Hand Creature Civilization because he was the shape of both Cow and Duck. Handy is very sarcastic, he rarely gets to finish his sentences due to someone squashing him, and as the mayor of the civilization, he's the one who makes all the decisions and lets new creatures in. Even so, he is a little dim-witted, as evidenced by his inability to avoid being squashed.

This is Finger Man. He's the one who first got smashed. By James. Now, smashing the hand creatures is a tradition, and both James and Jonathan find it to be uproariously funny. Finger Man is basically an adventurous finger puppet that always tries to do lots of other stuff, like when he first got smashed, he was singing, "My name's Finger Man, and I plan to take over the--" SMASH. Finger Man would like to say, ala Candice from Phineas and Ferb, "I'm all up in your grill, and you don't have a clue!"

This is Travelonius. Can you guess what he likes to do? If you guessed travel, then you're right! Travelonius doesn't care where he goes; he just goes anywhere. His favorite places that he has visited so far are Disneyland, the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival, and Wimp Land. That's a state of being where squashed hand creatures end up, or where creatures live when they are not being used.

This is Bouncerone. He bounces. One of his most common ways to get squashed is when James puts his hands parallel, above and under each other, and then when Bouncerone bounces on James's lower palm, he bounces up to the higher palm, and then when he's in the middle, James changes the palms to fists, and Bouncerone gets stuck being punched over and over again as he ricochets between fists.

This is Galloponius. You can tell by the camera blur that he is in constant motion. He is one of the newest residents in the hand creature civilization. Like Travelonius, he loves going places. He is basically Travelonius's steed.

This is Girl Handy. She was created by Jonathan's friend, Natalie. (Yes, Carrie. Your Natalie.) Girl Handy is invincible. She cannot be smashed onaccounta the spiky bows on her head.

This is Monster Handy. Jonathan recently created him on our Disneyland vacation, inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride's repeated quote, "Deeeeeeeeeeeeeead meeeeeeeeeen tellllllllll nooooooooooooo taaaaaaaaaaaaaales."

This is Finger Dog, Handy's loyal pet. Although not as dim-witted as his owner, Finger Dog does get lost often. He is rarely seen with Handy and often seen alone. He is basically the main police dog and is very capable of sensing when danger is near. (Love the nose!)

This is another Girl Handy, but with hair. The only child in the whole civilization. She is very important because she's the mayor's daughter. She is also least used to protect her from getting squashed. She is rarely seen outside Wimp Land.

This is Zombie Finger Man. He has fallen down. He was also created on our Disneyland trip. He's not very interesting. He just walks around moaning like a zombie and falling down.

This is Quadrapod. All this guy does is walk around saying, "Qua, qua, qua, qua, qua," but he walks very uniquely. He flattens his three legs into the shape of a bird print, and then pushes off the ground to move himself forward. He is the policeman of the Hand Creature Civilization.

The End