Monday, May 21, 2012

The Grace Wedding ~ Our Décor

At our first wedding, I didn't have very many ideas about decorations. I wanted there to be some, and I had hoped the gal who offered to decorate could help me come up with ideas, but instead, she followed my vague instructions to the letter. I said to her, "Just keep the sanctuary's Christmas decorations up, but maybe remove the poinsettias."

Thus, here's how my first wedding was decorated.

I especially love the drum set and microphone that provided such a nice backdrop for almost every. single. wedding. photo.

Here's a pic of the whole stage.

It's not super terrible. But it represents a time in my life when I didn't think I was worth moving a drum set for. Or monitors. Or music stands.

So for our Grace Wedding, things were different. First of all, my friend Jeana, who also happens to be the church's wedding coordinator, was in charge of decorations. So that put my mind at ease right off the bat. Secondly, we only had twelve attendees, including ourselves and the boys, so we didn't need the entire sanctuary, or even the entire stage, to be decorated, and we didn't need anything elaborate. But boys howdy, I wanted to make fer sure and fer certain that the wedding photos did NOT have a drum set in them. Jeana provided the perfect solution.

Up at the very top, see the white cloth behind the twinkle lights? It's covering our drum cage. In front of that is a rolling wall which we curved into a semi-circle to create the boundary of our space. That is covered with a beautiful creamy white cloth, which is covered with twinkle lights, which are covered with tulle.

The bench Reid and Carrie are sitting on, and the smaller bench on the left, are borrowed from the bridal area of the women's restroom, which Jeana redecorated last year. You can find out more about those pieces here.

This is the same stage we originally got married on, by the way. Sans half walls and extra platform levels.

Our sanctuary has two short pews, which you can see in the bird's eye shot from the first wedding. We brought those up onto the stage and put them in a V facing the rolling wall, creating the other half of our space. Behind each pew we set a round table.

The gals in my wedding posse contributed mason jars, the church had little clear and red rocks on hand, and I bought the silk flowers, gingham ribbon, and votive candles.

The centerpiece of the ceremony was the unity candle and communion table.

I'll talk more about the significance of the things on the table in a later post. Mary contributed the wooden candlesticks, Carrie lent me the taller glass candlesticks, and I bought the shorter glass pair. The communion bread platter was a Christmas gift from Jeff's mom, and the communion glass normally functions as a pencil cup in our living room. I can't remember where we got it.

My favorite part about this display is the secret hidden under each votive candle. Carrie felt concerned about getting wax on the tablecloth, so she brainstormed the perfect solution. Have you ever heard of a door hanger punch? Me neither. It's a giant hole punch that punches holes in door hangers. Door hangers are, you know, those brochures that people hang on doors. Well, it turns out the standard door hanger hole is slightly larger than a votive candle, so Carrie punched six giant circles of white cardstock and placed one under each candle. Genius. :)

The first time we got married, I didn't know who I was, and I had no idea how to communicate my desires or preferences to anyone else. I ended up telling a lot of lies, like, "That looks great!" and "I love it!" The truth was that there were many things I didn't think looked great, and a lot that I didn't love at all, like having a drum set as our backdrop.

It was very important to me to be honest about our Grace Wedding. Knowing who I am in Christ. Knowing my tastes and preference. Being Real Becky. Marrying Real Jeff. By the grace of God.