Friday, May 25, 2012

James's Edition of Monopoly

Apparently, regular Monopoly is super duper boring. James likes to spice it up a fair bit.

He starts with regular Monopoly...

...and then adds this...

...and this...

and this... get this. Ultimate Monopoly. The James Edition.

My duties as banker extended from critters cash, bark bucks and doubloons... regular Monopoly money and all building materials for houses, hotels, enhancements, new animals (represented by trees, which represent life), doghouses, big dog bones, docks and harbors.

Jonathan was our Realtor. He distributed properties, dogs, wild animals, and geographic regions.

James was in charge of all the special features. States Avenue has a fire station and Virginia Avenue comes with a library.

St. Charles Place hosts a Civil War Museum, the hat/shoe thief is safely behind bars, Connecticut Avenue has the post office, and Vermont Avenue houses a pet store. With a pretty cranky cat, if I do say so myself.

Atlantic Avenue boasts a restaurant famous for its ribs, when I bought Illinois Avenue I also inherited a racetrack, and luckily, it's right next to the pool on Indiana.

My Ventnor purchase supplied me with a working laundromat (conveniently located next to Water Works), and I frequented the arboretum at Marvin Gardens.

Tennessee and New York have teamed up to host a video game convention, and St. James Place, our namesake, is home to a well-established, prominent antique bookshop. (The orange properties have my favorite special features.)

The rules are not overly complicated. At various points on the regular Monopoly board, you may transport your token to one of the neighboring boards, which you must then traverse at least once. You may use currency specific to each game only when you are on that board, but regular Monopoly money is good everywhere.

When you arrive to the Pirates of the Caribbean board, you leave your regular Monopoly token (the train in my case) on the GO square and circumnavigate the board using a Pirates token. I was the chalice.

The very best part of James's Edition of Monopoly was this Angry Birds float from the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. After your turn, you re-roll one die, which moves the Angry Bird balloon around the regular board. Every time the float reaches the GO square, the person to the right of the player who put the bird on GO gets $500.

The best part was that each time the float moved, James doo-doo-doo-ed the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, and Jonathan and I doo-doo-doo-ed it with him. In so doo-ing, I discovered a magical and amazing truth heretofore unrevealed: My boys can stay on key when I harmonize with them! This does my heart good. :)

We played for an hour, and we each won $500 from the parade float. Not too shabby.

We also got lots of cool properties and pets. Jonathan was particularly excited about the basset hound, which is just like the one the school counselor brings to school every day.

The feud was fierce and the fellowship was fantastic.

When the timer that ended the game beeped after an hour, I had $2,523, two properties (complete with racetrack and laundromat), a railroad, an entire marketplace in Londontown, Whitecap Bay, some sort of chasm, Ponce de Leon's map, and the Spanish Galleon. (That's a pirate ship.)

Jonathan had seven dogs, one doghouse, one fire hydrant, Oriental Avenue sporting its own grocery store, and $2,263.

James had six dogs, two doghouses, Connecticut Avenue and its post office, and $3,517.

James had the most cash, Jonathan gets free food for life from his grocery store, and I have the map to hidden treasure and a ship to take me there.