Sunday, May 6, 2012

California Adventure ~ Part 3: Legolandia

After our trip to the beach, we headed straight for Legoland. The boys are Lego Club members, which means they get a free magazine in the mail every two months that has a "free child admission with paying parent" Legoland coupon in it. So their tickets to Legoland were free. So that's happy.

"Look, Ma, we're at Legoland!"

Yeah, I guess you could say they have some pretty cool sculptures.

And look. There are little minifigures working on Mt. Rushmore. That's nifty.

And you can't really tell how big he is from this picture, but I'm about as tall as Einstein's mustache.

The thrill rides were thrilling. Some were well worth the wait.

Like this one:

I'm not sure how spectacular it looks from the video, but lemme tell ya, it was quite a ride. After about thirty seconds, I started praying, "Please, God, make it stop." The next time we go to Legoland, I'm going to find a little shop and sit calmly in it, peacefully sipping tea and listening to chirping birds, while the men in my family get their guts rearranged by the robotic arm. Once was enough for me. But as you can see, they had a marvelous time!

We spent a few hours at the water park in the afternoon, but I didn't take any pictures because I was busy water-sliding. It was fun. They had a little river we went tubing down, and it had giant foam bricks floating in it that the boys had a grand time chucking as hard as they could at the lifeguards. Who chucked them right back.

We didn't get his autograph, but the boys got to take a pic with Max the Minifigure, who is apparently rather famous, although I had never really heard of him. I was, however, able to recognize the thing on the right. It's a Bioncle, in case you were wondering. I have no idea which one.

Jonathan and I walked together down a pathway with famous people on either side of it. When Jonathan realized I was going to take pictures of them, he made a game out of it. Pavarotti was spared because I took his picture first ("But I would have mocked him," said Jonathan). Einstein did not get mocked because, in Jonathan's words, "He's a genius." Beethoven's nose got picked, Churchill's bulldog scowl was in evidence, Elvis learned how to sign "I love you", and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II got bunny ears. Legoland forgot Lincoln's hat, so Jonathan added it in, and Shakespeare got shaken (Get it? Shakespeare? Shake?). When we came to Washington, Jonathan said, "Okay. I am NOT going to make fun of him. He was our first president!"

So... if you're a genius or the first president, you don't get mocked. If you're anyone else, all bets are off.

And finally, the Golden Gate Bridge, New York City, and the Empire State Building. Pretty cool.

We did Legoland in one day, and fun times were had by all. I think it would take about three days to see everything. So we'll be back!