Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yay for Finished Projects!

Remember I said at the beginning of the year that I will only allow myself to blog about projects that I've actually finished?

Well, I finished some!

(This is terribly exciting.)

Here is my first completed knitting project.

It's a shawl. It's just the knit stitch. No purling. I just alternated between a size 13 and a size 6 needle. It took, like, two months. I got my teach-yourself-to-knit kit for Christmas, I started this project in the middle of January, and I finished it at the beginning of this week. Also, it's not as long as it should be, but holy cow. I got WAY super bored of knitting it, so after 4.5 feet, I was like, "Okay, I'm done."

For my next trick, I embroidered my friend's initials on three handkerchiefs for her.

They're, like, antique handkerchiefs that she inherited, so I was pretty nervous about ruining them, but because I completed this project during my recent trip to attend the funeral of my sweet auntie, my mom was there to give me lots of tips and encouragement. Thanks, Mama!

And finally, this is a pillow I made for my mom for my dad's birthday.

I garbled the names because you might be a stalker who doesn't know how to do a people search online, and I'm pretty sure my siblings don't want you to have the first and middle names of all of their children.

Anyway, I got this idea off of Pinterest before Christmas as a gift idea. The original is at Etsy. (And very overpriced IMHO.)

At first, I was just going to handwrite names on nice paper and stick it in a frame, but then I decided it would be cooler embroidered, and why spend two hours putting together a really nice piece of wall art when I could spend, like, a hundred hours going blind and getting embroiderer's cramp? (I just made that up. Embroiderer's Cramp.)

So the date at the bottom is the grass under the tree, and my parents' names are the tree trunk. The hearts in the tree trunk are knotholes.

Each branch is one of my siblings, and the leaves are all of our children. The hearts between the branches are spouses.

So what we did was we went to Goodwill and found some old napkins for $3. I embroidered the family tree on one of them, we used two for the back and one underneath the front as a backer, and then we cut strips from the edges of the rest of the napkins and made this ruffle.

I finished this project in January and took it to my mom's when I went to see her then, but I forgot to take pictures of it, so I couldn't very well blog about it, now, could I? So when I went back last week, I remembered to take pictures for you.

So there you go. Yay for finished projects!