Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quotable Conversations

Went shopping today. Had a couple of quotable conversations with local store clerks.

STORE CLERK #1: Your bread is really hard. Did you realize that?

ME: Yep. It's gluten free and casein free.

SC1: Oh. That's what makes it hard?

ME: Yep.

SC1: Why do you buy it?

ME: It's those darn food allergies. :)

SC1: Ohhh... food allergies. Well, can't you just eat a really good whole wheat bread?

ME: Nope. Wheat has gluten in it. I can't eat anything with gluten. So I can't eat any wheat products.

SC1: Well, you should reconsider. Whole wheat is really good for you.

ME: Where is the restroom?

STORE CLERK #2: It's in the back corner.

ME: Which one?

SC2: Waaaaaay in the back corner.

ME: The left back corner or the right back corner?

SC2: The VERY back corner.

My favorite part about both of those conversations is that each of the store clerks could have come home and posted on their blogs about the idiot customer who didn't know enough to eat whole wheat or follow simple directions to the back corner of the store.

Context matters.