Monday, November 28, 2011

Food Gratitude: Days 23 - 28

Clearly, I have zero Food Gratitude Blog Post staying power. But I continue to be thankful for the foods I can eat, so that's something, right?

We had Thanksgiving with Jeff's family this year, and they were so thoughtful to provide foods I was not allergic to. My niece and I have a special food allergy bond, and the two of us were very well taken care of. So thankful!

Day 23: I'm thankful for gf/cf cottage cheese. Never heard of such a thing before, but Jeff's sister made some and it was quite good.

Day 24: I'm thankful for gf/cf banana pudding. YUM. Jeff's mom made it, and it just melted in my mouth.

Day 25: I'm thankful for gf/cf dinner rolls. I'm not sure who made the dinner rolls, but I ate several of them. They were sort of my staple during our stay.

Day 26: I'm thankful for gf/cf Krispy Kreme donuts. Oh. my. word.

Day 27: I'm thankful for decaf coffee in the French press. I'm not only happy about this physically, but I'm happy about it psychologically. I missed coffee.

Day 28: I'm thankful for cranberry salad. Double YUM. I made the cranberry salad in reference, and I don't think anyone else liked it but me. Sour. I so much heart sour. I was very happy to eat basically the entire bowl over several days' time. It keeps really well.