Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy House: The Sequel

by Jonathan Frame

The happy house has been very happy for a long time. During that long time, new things were coming. Halloween is near, and the toilet seat is broken. (Very funny way to say it, eh?) And not only that, but two tennis shoes are broken! We are having trouble. The lightning computer is starting to load as slow as the thunder computer.

The tennis shoes were very nice and strong, but then the happy family wore them every day, and they got old and tired, and they got hurt in the heels, etc. The happy family did not wear them anymore. Now they are abandoned. So the happy family got the Smallest One new shoes!

There are two whole other computers in the place, but the only problem is the Smallest One's Battle for Middle Earth online heroes are all on the lightning computer, so if it was gone, he would lose ahhhhhhhhhhhll the heroes on there (aka the leaders of the battle). The lightning computer isn't fixed yet, but it's still pretty strong.

And about that toilet...

We have a spare toilet in the shed. The Biggest One of the family is going to take the seat of the toilet in the shed and bring it into the house.

Case closed.

So the happy house is happy again.

The End