Wednesday, August 10, 2011

False Positive

Jeff's biopsy results came back clear. No primary biliary cirrhosis! :)

That's happy.

It's also confusing. PBC is typically diagnosed with just a blood draw, and Jeff's blood draw results contained the autoimmune marker that indicates PBC. We were told the biopsy was for the purpose of determining stage of liver deterioration and treatment plan.

When the results came back clear, the nurse said, off-hand, "Oh, well, sometimes the autoimmune marker in the blood draw is a false positive."

We surely would like to have known that previously. Yes, indeedy.

The GI has ordered more bloodwork to test again for the autoimmune marker. If it is still present in the blood, we have no idea what that means. If it is no longer present in the blood, it was probably there the first time as a result of Jeff's cellulitis and subsequent antibiotics.

So... we're not really sure what's going on, but as far as we know, Jeff is not dying. Yay. :)