Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crafty Update

I showed you this picture a few weeks ago. Here it is again, for comparison.

Here's my progress to date. I'm slow, I know. I only stitch when the mood strikes. Also, I set this project aside for a while because I didn't like the assigned floss color. But today, I like it.

Any guesses yet? (I've told a bunch of you in person. You're all disqualified.)

Okay. Now some pics of my quilt.

The Supplies

These little pearls go in the center of each little flower.

This is the ribbon for the flowers.

This is thread.

This is the ribbon for the border around the embroidered rose.

These are pins. Specials pins, yea verily. For quilters. Who knew?

This is the embroidery floss with which I will intricately stitch a very beautiful rose.

This is blanket binding. It is used for binding blankets.

This is a marking pencil. I don't like it. I'm going to use a different one that shows up better on my fabric.

The Beginning

So. The first thing I did was pin the rose border ribbon in place. Jeff will machine-sew it as soon as he recovers from having been stabbed last week.

"Jeff," said Becky, "how far apart do you want the pins?"
"That far," said Jeff.

Jeff does the machine-sewing, I do the hand-sewing. It's how we roll. So I have this many done...

...and this many to go.