Saturday, July 2, 2011

Aviary to Zebra

Our traditional zoo pic. We always make the boys sit by this squirrel and lunchbox. Been posing here for years. They're bored of this.

Been posing here for years, too.

They're not bored of this.

Made it just in time for the Wildlife Live Show!

Waiting for the show to start.

Taking mental calculations of the stage architecture, I'm sure.

Golden eagle.

Coming in for a landing.

"Let's see... which audience member is going to be my lunch today?"

"My wings span wider than you stand tall."

This is Chinook.

She's about twenty years old.

She has a seven-foot wingspan.

She flew right over my head. I didn't zoom this photo.

I like this view of her feet and tail feathers.

"I see a tasty treat..."

She weighs only ten pounds.

She has eagle eyes.

Jonathan's question was a first for the handler. "How long is her tongue?"
"This long," she replied, holding up thumb and forefinger a few inches apart after peaking inside Chinook's mouth.

Cranky hawk. Just closed its beak after screaming straight at me.

Plotting its escape.

Smallest bird of prey in the Pacific Northwest.


I like these little statuettes.

New measuring wall in new primate area.

Our first time comparing ourselves to primates.

Can you write your name without using your thumbs? You can see Jonathan halfway through his name here. See if you can find James's name. I bet you can't. I only know where it is because I watched him write it.

Check out the teeth. Yeesh.

Conga King.

"I need more cowbell!"

We haven't brushed the goats in a few years. That was fun.

"Pretty nice life, huh? Ya get brushed all the time, and kids visit ya..."



I took this pic for you, Jeana. You can't tell, but this fish has teal.

"Ticktock ticktock..."

Strange duck.


Yuck part two.