Friday, June 17, 2011

So... Let's Recap

Seriously. If you read this whole post, you are crazy. And should be knighted.

Tuesday, May 31:

  • Jeff wakes feeling like he pulled a muscle.
  • He trembles off and on all day, has a fever, and his skin turns a pale greenish color.

Wednesday, June 1:

  • Jeff wakes with red blotch on presumed pulled muscle site. Blotch is the size of Becky's phone.
  • By evening, red blotch grows to be the size of Becky's hand.
  • Jeff tells Becky if it's not better by the next morning, he will let her take him to the doctor.

Thursday, June 2:

  • Red blotch has grown to be the size of both of Becky's hands.
  • Becky puts boys on bus, puts Jeff in Jeep.
  • ER Visit #1.
  • Jeff and Becky return home with oral antibiotics and strict monitoring instructions.
  • Becky and James go to Jonathan's baseball game, which goes an hour longer than normal so Jonathan can get a hit, which he does.

Friday, June 3:

  • Redness recedes during the night.
  • Becky puts boys on bus.
  • Redness expands. Rapidly.
  • Grandma takes boys to baseball practice.
  • Becky and Jeff go to hospital for ER Visit #2.
  • Jeff is admitted to hospital.
  • Grandma takes boys home with her for the weekend.
  • First antibiotic doesn't work, redness covers half of upper thigh.
  • Becky sleeps on pull-out recliner near Jeff's bed.

Saturday, June 4:

  • Becky goes home, showers, checks on pets, gets food.
  • Doc switches to new antibiotic, but no one administers it.
  • First dose of second antibiotic is blocked by clotted IV and goes into Jeff's arm instead of his bloodstream.
  • Becky meets boys and grandparents at James's baseball game, which ends mercifully early because other team's score is so inflated.
  • All parties return to hospital to visit Jeff.
  • Boys go back to Grandma's house.
  • Redness continues to expand, now covers 85% of upper thigh front and back.
  • Becky gets scared Jeff is going to die; she cries a lot.
  • Control mark is drawn around redness, second antibiotic dosage is doubled and administered properly at new IV site.
  • Redness finally stops expanding, stays within control line.
  • Becky sleeps on pull-out recliner near Jeff's bed.

Sunday, June 5:

  • Doc says Jeff's liver enzymes are elevated and rising.
  • Jeff gets doc to stop second antibiotic that upsets liver, and doc switches to third antibiotic that is nicer to liver but not quite as effective on infection.
  • Scott comes to visit. Brings cool toys.
  • Boys and grandparents come to visit.
  • Becky spends precious moments with her sons seated on industrial carpet in deserted 4th floor hallway playing "Guess That Musical Genre."
  • Boys go back home with grandparents.
  • Becky is heartbroken to say goodbye to boys.
  • Becky sleeps on pull-out recliner near Jeff's bed.

Monday, June 6:

  • Becky calls school and tells them boys won't be attending that day.
  • Doc says liver enzymes continue to rise, but not as drastically.
  • Infection seems to be improving, as evidenced by the fact that it is not worsening.
  • Becky wheels Jeff around hospital track in parking lot.
  • Bobby and Reid come to visit.
  • Becky gets two phone calls from school officials asking for information about James's learning style testing process. One official asks Becky to meet with her on Tuesday.
  • Boys are brought to hospital and go home with Becky.
  • Jeff and Becky skype.
  • Becky emails boys' teachers and school counselor to let them know Jeff is in the hospital, boys have been at Grandma's but will return to school next morning, and there may be emotional caveats because boys are worried about dad.
  • Becky sends extra email to James's teacher informing her that Jeff may not be well enough to attend space museum field trip on Friday as planned, but Becky may go in his stead.
  • Becky sleeps in her own bed.
  • Jeff stays alone at hospital.

Tuesday, June 7:

  • Becky puts boys on bus.
  • Becky brings Jeff coffee.
  • Doc says liver enzymes still on the rise, infection not ready for oral antibiotics yet.
  • Becky wheels Jeff around hospital track in parking lot.
  • Jeff's grandparents come to visit.
  • Becky is able to have phone interview with school official rather than trying to meet with her. Interview goes over an hour.
  • School official says lack of medical statement will halt testing process until fall unless Becky can get it before Thursday meeting two days hence.
  • Angel Carrie shows up to hospital lobby, helps Becky make dinner menu, then goes grocery shopping for Becky, takes all of Becky's groceries home, and puts them away. Becky is eternally grateful.
  • Becky randomly picks up phone book, searches for local pediatricians, calls the first one she finds, and asks if they have any cancellations in the next 24 hours. They do. She schedules appointment for James.
  • Becky leaves Jeff to be home in time to meet boys at bus stop.
  • Boys play at home.
  • Becky does laundry, dishes, paperwork.
  • Becky returns with boys to hospital to spend the evening with Jeff.
  • After Becky and boys return home, Jeff and Becky talk on the phone.
  • Becky can't sleep.
  • Despite her best efforts, she doesn't fall asleep until well after midnight, even though she is spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.

Wednesday, June 8:

  • Becky puts Jonathan on bus and gets James ready for doctor appointment.
  • Jeff calls and says liver enzymes are going down, oral antibiotics should begin to work, and he will be released to come home after his noon IV.
  • There is much rejoicing.
  • Becky and James go to the pediatrician, who does thorough examination, gives great advice on working with school officials, and provides needed medical statement to allow school testing to proceed on schedule.
  • Becky drops James off at school and cannot get to the hospital fast enough because she is giddy excited to retrieve her husband.
  • Becky finds Jeff sitting up in hospital bed, fully dressed, nearly all packed, more than ready to come home.
  • Doc will not sign discharge order until follow-up appointments with gastroenterologist and internist have been scheduled.
  • Doc schedules the appointments himself.
  • Jeff is wheeled down to main entrance by nurse, Becky brings car around, Jeff catapults himself into it.
  • Jeff and Becky go to Wal-Mart, where they are promised a 30-minute wait for oral antibiotics, after which time the pharmacy tech claims the antibiotic is out of stock, after which time she does some checking and discovers it actually is in stock but it's just not ready yet and it will be another hour.
  • Becky brings Jeff home.
  • Becky gets the boys from the bus stop.
  • All four members of the family sit in the living room and stare at each other, dazed, wondering if they're all really there, together, in their own home.
  • Becky returns to Wal-Mart for oral antibiotic.
  • Everyone sleeps in their own beds.

Thursday, June 9:

  • Boys get on school bus.
  • Jeff sleeps peacefully.
  • Becky straightens house and prepares for Thursday afternoon meeting with school officials regarding James's learning style testing.
  • Becky calls space museum and asks if they have motorized carts for recently-hospitalized husbands. They do. 
  • Jeff decides to accompany Becky on Friday's field trip.
  • Becky hopes Jeff doesn't put himself back in the hospital.
  • Grandma arrives to watch boys while Jeff and Becky attend meeting at school.
  • Becky is speechless with nerves.
  • Jeff and Becky attend in-depth team meeting regarding James's learning style, and agree with all school officials that James will benefit from official support structures in next year's classroom.
  • Meeting meant to last 1 hour lasts 3.5 hours.
  • Grandma is longsuffering and helpful. She exercises the dogs and gets the boys to take showers.
  • Grandma rocks.
  • At bedtime, Jonathan tells Becky, "Well, be sure to wish me good luck at the bus stop tomorrow. I'm going to be in a play in the morning."
  • Becky spend remainder of evening going through all of Jonathan's take-home papers from the past six weeks to search for information about next morning's play.

Friday, June 10:

  • Becky packs three lunches for herself, Jeff and James to take on space museum field trip.
  • Becky puts boys on bus.
  • Becky calls school and asks what time first grade play is.
  • Becky is told play begins just over an hour before she and Jeff have to be at the space museum.
  • Jeff and Becky attend first grade play, discover Jonathan's one line does not happen until halfway through two-hour performance, and discuss having Jonathan's teacher film his performance and send home Becky's little red camera in his backpack.
  • Jeff and Becky squirm in their seats, watching clock tick too quickly toward the time when they must leave.
  • Jonathan finally takes stage with eight minutes to spare, says his one line ("Fee, fi, fo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he live, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread"), and takes his bow exactly at the last minute.
  • Jeff and Becky sprint/gimp to the Jeep, pull into the space museum parking lot in the nick of time, and meet the group of children they are assigned to chaperon.
  • Jeff goes inside and gets himself a motorized cart.
  • Tim the Tour Guide reveals his ardent passion for rocketry.
  • IMAX! Hubble 3D. Cool. WAY cool.
  • Spruce Goose Tour. Tim the Tour Guide actually tears up about Howard Hughes. Informs entire class of third graders that he truly believes Mr. Hughes' ghost haunts Spruce Goose. Explains to third grade teacher in hushed tones after lecture that Howard comes in the night and moves the throttle to 75%.
  • Tanks.
  • Third graders rolling down grassy hill.
  • Third graders at playground.
  • Third graders on bus.
  • Jeff and Becky drive to Wal-Mart to buy toilet paper and milk.
  • Jeff waits in car "or else," according to Becky.
  • Jeff and Becky arrive home and sit in complete daze for full half hour.
  • Becky gets boys from bus stop.
  • Jeff falls asleep in chair. Snores loudly.

Saturday, June 11:

  • Becky packs lunches for everybody, finds and distributes baseball uniforms and gear.
  • Family leaves at 9am for James's baseball game.
  • James's team loses, but James gets his very first hit of the season, and it's a good one!
  • Lunch in the park. Donuts to celebrate James's hit.
  • Family returns to baseball field for Jonathan's game.
  • Family returns home by dinnertime, totally exhausted.
  • Everyone goes to bed early.

Sunday, June 12:

  • Church.

Monday, June 13:

  • Boys go to school.
  • Jeff rests at home.
  • Becky visits friend.

Tuesday, June 14:

  • Becky packs swimwear, extra set of clothes in each boy's backpack for Field Day.
  • Becky takes Jeff to leg follow-up appointment.
  • Becky and Jeff meet with Reid.
  • Becky and Jeff return home in time to get boys from bus stop.
  • Neighbor kid comes over to play.
  • Becky takes neighbor kid home while Jeff gets boys into baseball gear.
  • Becky and boys drive to baseball field.
  • Jeff drops antibiotic prescription order off at Wal-Mart then comes to baseball field.
  • Jeff attends James's game at one field while Becky attends Jonathan's game at another field.
  • Halfway through Jonathan's game, they switch.
  • Becky keeps score for remainder of James's game. She feels she is getting the hang of the weird scoring system.
  • Jeff watches remainder of Jonathan's game, then delivers Jonathan to Becky and leaves fro his men's meeting.
  • Becky watches Jonathan while keeping score for James's game. James gets another hit! Pop fly! He doesn't care! His best hit of the season, he says!
  • Becky and boys go to Wal-Mart after James's game to get Jeff's prescription and buy cards for teachers, bus driver, and Father's Day.
  • Becky and boys come home, sign cards for teachers and bus driver, and then head to bed.
  • Both boys come back out of bedroom weeping openly at the prospect of having to say goodbye to the teachers and bus driver they have come to love.
  • Becky lets boys crawl into bed with her because she knows it is the quickest way to get them both to sleep.
  • Becky falls asleep, too.
  • Jeff comes home to find his precious family all snuggled together. His heart melts. He takes pictures.

Wednesday, June 15:

  • Last day of school. Half day. "Don't forget, Mom. It's a half day today."
  • Boys get on bus, hand card to bus driver. She is touched.
  • Bobby calls Becky and asks if she can play piano on Sunday because scheduled pianist is unavailable. Becky says yes. Jeff is already scheduled to run sound.
  • Jeff and Becky take Assertiveness Test and come to the conclusion that neither of them relate to each other assertively; both are classically passive-aggressive. They beg God for mercy.
  • Jeff drops Becky off at bus stop to wait for boys and then goes alone to his liver appointment.
  • Becky gets boys off bus and waves goodbye to bus driver, who will be on a different route next year. Bus driver cries, says she will miss James and Jonathan a lot.
  • Becky and boys have a planning meeting for the boys' requested First Day of Summer Family Bash.
  • Jeff returns from liver appointment.
  • Jeff takes James to baseball practice.
  • After dinner, entire family goes to the church for worship practice.
  • Entire family comes home and goes to bed. Boys are given strict instructions to sleep in because it is summer and there is no need to rise at 6am.

Thursday, June 16:

  • James wakes at 6am. Becky is able to get back to sleep.
  • Jonathan comes in to cuddle at 7am. Becky is able to get back to sleep.
  • Jeff and Becky stumble out of bedroom at 8am.
  • Becky announces summer routine to boys of parameters she has placed on how much time they are allowed to spend in front of technology of any kind each day during the summer.
  • Boys agree to Becky's parameters. It's a miracle.
  • Jeff and Becky have planning meeting for First Day of Summer Family Bash.
  • Jeff and Becky prepare for First Day of Summer Family Bash.
  • Jeff and Becky host First Day of Summer Family Bash.
  • Jeff and Becky are tired.

Friday, June 17:

Next Blank Calendar Day:

  • July 1.

Dear Comfort Zone,

I miss you.
Please come back soon.


"But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."

~Lamentations 3:21-23