Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our pastor is reading a book called Truefaced. I don't know anything about it, really, but he shared something from it today that I thought was pretty cool. I will probably butcher this illustration, which is why I have provided you with a link to the source, thereby absolving myself of butchering guilt. Okay.

There are two rooms, apparently. One is the room of Pleasing God and the other is the room of Trusting God. You get into the Pleasing God room by turning the door handle of Good Intentions. In other words, we try to please God by doing good stuff for Him. All by ourselves. Without His help. Cuz we think we're self-sufficient, independent, competent, all that and a bag of chips. In other words, we think we can please God by trying to play God, which, in fact, doesn't please God at all. Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is doing the wrong thing.

You get into the Trusting God room by turning the door handle of Humility. In other words, we acknowledge that we actually can't do any good stuff for God, all by ourselves without His help, because we're totally insufficient, dependent, incompetent, not even a bag of chip crumbs. It is acknowledging this need for God that causes us to run to Him, to seek Him, to trust Him. When we can see that stuff is just way too big for us to handle, we don't turn it over to Him grudgingly; we dump it on Him with a vast, overwhelming sense of relief. "Whew. God's here. Everything's going to be okay." Like a weaned child rests against his mother, David says in Psalm 131.

I sort of alluded to this in my final blog post over at Abba Stories, but after today's sermon, I think I can better articulate what I was trying to say about my reasons for moving to this new site. For me, it's just like pleasing God vs. trusting God.
Good intentions vs. grace.
What I do vs. who I am.
Abba's (rough draft) Stories vs. Abba's (published) Poetry.

Hmmm... I'm not sure if that's any more articulate or not. I guess my point is that I want this blog to be much less about what I do (i.e. what I thought I knew) and much more about who I am in Christ. Poiema.