Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Is Bustin' Out All Over

Been enjoying the foliage around these parts. And Picnik. I heart Picnik. Lots.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are various shots in various Picnik styles. My fav is Lomo-ish. Which, according to Wikipedia, is either the Spanish word for tenderloin, a place in California, or a Russian optical manufacturer.

Our driveway.

We have this ground cover milling around in numerous locales.

Little purple flowers the dogs like to chomp.

The Burning Bush.

Same bush.

Itty bitty baby leaves. Bonded by a spider web. Love this one.

Found these next to the shed.

Maple trees are my favorite.

These next three pics employed Picnik's 60's feature.

Twiggy moss.


This one has the 60's filter with the Lomo-ish filter over the top of it.

I chose the 60's style for this one because it showed the most detail on each individual little seed head. That's what they're called. Seed heads. Wikipedia told me so.

Another photo style I like is something Picnik calls Orton-ish, which, in addition to being the name of a whole host of places and people, is an official photography technique.

More tree blossoms.

Scotch broom?

Blossom on the tree in the driveway. My cousin says this looks like a face.

Another style I've been dinking around with is CinemaScope. It comes in two flavors: with letterboxing and without. I prefer with.


This is the field across the railroad tracks from the back of the transmission shop that's workin' on our Jeep.

That's all she wrote.