Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Car Conversations

JONATHAN: Mom. How far is it from this intersection to our house? In inches?
MOM: Uhhhhhh...


JAMES: And I named that creature "Undeadico."
JONATHAN: Undeadica?
JAMES: UndeadiCO.
JONATHAN: Undendico?
JAMES: Not den. Dead. Undeadico.
JONATHAN: Undendico.
JAMES: Un-dead-ico. Three syllables.
JONATHAN: Un-den-di-co. That's four syllables.
JAMES: No. Not unDENdico. UnDEADico.
JONATHAN: Un-Den-Dico.
JAMES: No, Jon. Not DENdico. DEADico.
JONATHAN: [pause]
JAMES: Undeadico.
JONATHAN: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... unDEADico!!!!
JAMES: Right. Undeadico.
JONATHAN: Right. Like the undead.
MOM: [becomes undead while desperately gripping steering wheel]


JONATHAN: Mom. Can plants become undead?
MOM: [driving] Uhhh... no. I don't think so.
JONATHAN: Not even a little bit undead?
JAMES: Of course not, Jon. If they could, the world would be full of a buncha zombie plants walkin' around.