Monday, March 7, 2011

The Gratitude Chronicles ~ Green Becky

This year's theme is contentment. Being thankful for what I have, where I am, this life. Ceasing to argue with God about the tasks He has assigned to me.

At my church's women's retreat last weekend, I learned about another contentment thief.


Ephesians 5:3-4 says, "But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints. Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead, let there be thanksgiving."

It is not proper for saints to be characterized by covetousness. And the opposite of covetousness is... thanksgiving.

The Greek word for covetousness means, "A greedy desire to have more."

I wouldn't call myself greedy. I'm not going for the nicest house or the best car or the most trendy clothes or the newest gadget.

But when did greed become isolated to the subject of material possessions? Greed is so much more. God showed me that whilst I don't pine after a host of material possessions, I do pine after a surprisingly large tally of abstracts.

Therefore, my gratitude list this week has encompassed a heart challenge to replace envy with gratitude. Boys howdy. I am so glad the Holy Spirit participates in this process. Otherwise, I'd be up Envy Crick with noooooooooooo paddle.

Tuesday, March 1 ~ 529-532

morning prayer with Jeff
healthy breakfast for boys
early morning crackling fire
March! At last! Hallelujah!

Wednesday, March 2 ~ 533-547

time with those I love
kid logic
petting the cat
feeding the reptiles
little kids who carry a tune and know tons of songs
toddlers who communicate expertly without words or tears
little kids who throw away their empty yogurt cups
referring to yesterday as "last year"
food all over
the dog "vacuuming" for us
"Sleeping Blooty"
toddlers who go down for their naps without crying
swinging legs
the narration of pretend play
talking on the phone at bedtime

Thursday, March 3 ~ 548-577

9, 7, 5, 3, 1
Jeff at home
praying for mama and asking God to tell her that she's gorgeous and Daddy is handsome
petting the lizard
saying hi to the turtles
the "mean" cat
the "crazy" dog
wanting "snow" on an eggo
wanting to wait until mama gets back to wear a pretty shirt
"My hair is ruined! It's all tangled!"
barney is not a dinosaur sensation, he's a dinosaur seNATION.
toddlers who say, "Uh-uh..." and turn their heads quickly away
tumbling across the living room furniture in slow motion
"eee-eee" as a car noise
vowel-only pronunciations of words
continuous play-by-play commentary of pet activity
hollering "what are you doing?" to Jeff through the closed window
toddlers who settle into cozy chairs with a blankie and fruit snacks
Care Bears being so beautiful that we have to cry
little kids helping with laundry
spontaneous hugs and kisses
hearing little ones say, "I love you."
little kids looking out the sides of their eyes with sly grins
vacuum cleaner games
carrying toys to the bathroom so it's not the end of the turn
"Look at my tiny booger."
school assemblies
James being awarded Student of the Month for being respectful
a very busy flock of birds
seeing the entire arc of a rainbow

Friday, March 4 ~ 578

stomping dinosaurs

Saturday, March 5 ~ 579-586

burn pile
feeding the dogs through the fence one pellet at a time
shooing the cats
getting a sliver out
gleeful giggles
discussing the options of what to give up for Lent
making cursive L's just like my mama's

Sunday, March 6 ~ 587-590

a shared love for office supplies
the glorious, comforting, joyous doctrine of election
teeny tiny little miniature people that walk and run
name-calling with made-up silly names

Monday, March 7 ~ 591-622

Acts 4:20
little tiny teeth marks on the tips of bananas still in their skins
"raisin browns"
soft sunlight filtering through thin, high clouds
"Such as I have give I thee."
sweet, childlike confessions of minuscule infractions
little ones who run to mama when they are hurt
learning to run to God when I am hurt
fisher price little people
very short, tiny toddlers looking waaaaaaaaay up at very tall parents
hope realized

The Envy Chronicles ~ 623-642


bloggers with more subscribers than me
my subscribers
my unsubscribed readers

thin people
their good health
their good example

superior pianists
their God-honoring music
my piano skills

stronger vocalists
their beautiful voices
my voice

Type A people
their clean, organized homes
my personality's mesh with Jeff's personality
our well-loved, well-lived-in home

beardless women
God's mercy through my beard

published bloggers
the mercy of obscurity