Monday, March 21, 2011

The Gratitude Chronicles ~ At Rest

Monday, March 14 ~ 780-782

finding new blogs
trying to post my gratitude list first thing and being number eighty-something

Tuesday, March 15 ~ 783-807

sleeping all night
sleeping in past the morning routine
waking to find Jeff had already delivered the boys to the bus stop
Jack's morning routine
looking forward to Bible study
meeting fellow believers
the promise of transformation because of the seal of the Holy Spirit
corporate prayer for a friend
Ray Vanderlaan's accent
God's tear bottle
Ray Vanderlaan's well-worn pocket Bible
portrayals of the Lion and the Lamb in my life
Jeff's caution to avoid the mud spatter on the Jeep
Jeff's affectionate defense of the Jeep's right to be muddy because... "It's a Jeep..."
corporate prayer
driving in a rainstorm
Fleetwood Mac
random power outage
an afternoon free of technology
finishing a good book
a little boy whose tongue escapes out the side of his mouth while he colors
curled up cats
the dad wrestling with the sons
fiction that has a huge fan base because it's actually good fiction
my giggling son

Wednesday, March 16 ~ 808-826

Romans 8:1
boys with enough sniffles to stay home from school
straightening for hosting
Willow Tree figurines
Philippians 4:7
anticipating Idaho
the comfort of God
being so sad about Dad that my emotions shut down
choosing to feel the sorrow
getting to feel the joy
James finding fractions around the house
the sound of sizzling breakfast
the love of God... greater far than tongue or pen could ever tell
a husband gifted at praying aloud
starting a fire that catches and burns bright
Jonathan curled up in my fuzzy jacket to be cozy, only his face peeking out
sick James monitoring sick Jonathan's activity level
the sound of sons munching tortilla chips
an invitation of friendship
being shown, ala 2x4-upside-the-head, that I'm the only one who thinks I'm not accepted
the light of truth blasting away my lies
the notion that there is such a thing as "my" lies... as if they are old friends
the truth being that those lies are really my enemies, from my enemy
boo on Satan
my favorite bookmark, old and tattered
watching Jeff sleep

Thursday, March 17 ~ 827-834

God's provision of this land
God's sovereignty over our housing
wearing green the night before... like body armor
being Irish
getting the house clean
getting the house decorated
being approved by our landlady
spending a restful evening in an immaculate space

Friday, March 18 ~ 835-851

coffee with Angi
a Starbucks exactly halfway between us
two cushy chairs by a fake fire in Safeway
being more than cousins... being sisters and friends in Christ
iron sharpening iron
an aunt who always displays unconditional acceptance
good directions
store credit
getting a treat for Jeff
buying something with guests in mind
beautifying the front porch
pretty, functional home decor
clean laundry for packing
going to bed early

Saturday, March 19 ~ 852-886

rolling over in bed, suddenly staring cross-eyed at Jeff's fingertips one inch from my face
the mystery of Christ that stays the hand of evil
straightening up the house for travel
Jeff finding the Jeep leak before we left instead of on the side of the road
long talk on the phone with my mama
being able to fix the Jeep for $2
unexpected rest day
getting the laundry folded
reading Eddings without getting impatient or bored
building new blogs
doing blog design
playing Scrabble with Jonathan
Jonathan's Scrabble words: whale, recruit, zinc

Jonathan's Scrabble rules: going diagonally, using proper names, starting new "snakes", invisible spaces between words

the Scrabble score ~ Jonathan: 518, Mom: 341

Jonathan making 171 points on "recruit" by digging through the Scrabble tiles bag to find a C (of all the letters to wish for), using all his letters, and dangling the word diagonally from the top right triple word square through four double word squares, a triple letter square and a double letter square

being no match for Jonathan and his creative Scrabble rules

James curled up with a good book
James reading part of his book to me
James sharing with me the lives of his characters
James assuming I know who he's talking about even though I've never read it
the casting down of friendship fears
open, honest communication
invitations to Sunday dinner
God's strength in my weakness
Jeff cutting down dead trees in our orchard
a suddenly abundant supply of firewood
Jonathan's opinions about how I should wear my hair
agapao, charis, eleos, chara

Sunday, March 20 ~ 887-908

wrapping Jonathan's blankie around my shoulders and feeling warmed and comforted

laughing because I meant emotionally warmed and comforted, but Jonathan's blankie warmed me physically as well, and it's a baby comforter

ha-ha... get it? warmed and comforted by a warm comforter...?
Jeff making the boys a Phineas and Ferb CD
Steve Zahn claimin' with rockin' soul that he ain't got rhythm
kids' music that doesn't drive me batty

Candice singing poignantly, "You'll always be my little brothers 'cuz you're younger, we're related, and you're boys."

James's desire for me to learn about Middle Earth
my braid
playing Risk with Jonathan
choosing the pink army
using reverse strategy to help Jonathan win
Proverbs 16:33
playing Battle for Middle Earth with James
being taught how by Jeff
accidentally winning a skirmish while trying to lose
demolishing my own fortress and telling my catapults to hold their fire
knowing James will win fair and square the minute Jeff isn't murmuring tips over my shoulder
new blog ideas
cherished phone call
online chat with Miss Mary
DVR date with Jeff