Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ruby Willow

I like this picture.

Jeff and I found this berry in the Oregon Garden on our anniversary trip. When we got home, I set it as my wallpaper.

It seemed to describe me. Hanging on by a thread. But hanging onto what?


I blogged about it.

"It's me! I'm the red berry, and God is the 'vine' that is hanging onto me."

I posted it as the photo of a little group I'm in.

I said, "Took this shot at the Oregon Garden. It's us. Beautiful in the storm, being held onto by the Vine."

Really enjoyed seeing it as a thumbnail on Facebook.

My sister posted it on her blog.

She said, "abide, cling...because He knows how to bring each word, each situation, each moment together into a greater picture that bears His fruit in a life that feels the sting of winter..."

Little berry, big impact.

My new friend, Jeana, was sick a while back, so I dropped alphabet soup and Jane Eyre by her house.

Jeana makes amazing jewelry and sells it on etsy. This week, on her blog, she posted about a giveaway. I spent quite a little while yesterday perusing her shop, dreaming about ordering something from her.

This morning at church, Jeana returned Jane Eyre to me.

She said, "I know you don't expect a 'thank you' or anything like that, but there's a little something in there for you."

I know, right?

Words fail.

"Just as the Father has loved Me,
I have also loved you;
abide in My love."
John 15:9