Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cookin' School ~ Ketchup

Just kidding. I didn't learn how to make ketchup. I'm making a pun. I did not inherit the pun gene, so this is a big deal.

I've made three PW meals that I haven't posted about yet, so in this post, I am playing catchup.

Oh, I am so punny.

Oops. There's another one. Sorry.

I made Penne alla Betsy a while ago, but I replaced the shrimp with cubed beef, and I didn't have fresh onion or fresh garlic, so the dish was rather meh on the whole. I only took one picture. I'd like to try that dish again with all the proper ingredients. (Except the shrimp. Yuck.) But anyway, here it is:

I also made burgundy mushrooms. They took all day, and for an entire day's worth of effort, I was not supremely impressed. Probably because I don't really like mushy food and I can't stand slime. These mushrooms were a little mushy and a little slimy. I set out some ingredients with the intent of photographing them, but I never got around to it. If I make burgundy mushrooms again, I will just use PW's recipe as an inspiration and consult Jeff the Chef for actual ingredients.

I also made chicken fried steak and put it in sandwiches. They were yummy, but mine was hard to bite into. Jeff said his was fine. Mine took too much effort to eat. Maybe because my teeth are crooked in such a way that my top and bottom incisors do not meet. Anyway, I probably won't make cube steak in a sandwich again. But here are some pics of the process.

I'm not sure what I'll make next from the cookbook. Something I like, hopefully. The more I cook other people's recipes, the more convinced I become that Jeff rules the known cooking universe. Well, he rules *my* cooking universe, anyway. I like his food the best.

Oh! P.S. Also, this doesn't count for cookin' school, but it came to my attention that my cooking posts have a scarcity of vegetables, so I'll tell you that Jeff made Anne Burrell's asparagus salad the other day, and it was yummy. A great low-carb, veggie-rich dish. Go make it. And add bacon. (Oh yeah, baby!)